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Patriots.Win, previously known as, was created on November 21, 2019, by r/The_Donald moderators. It's similar to other pro-Trump alt-tech websites like Gab and Bitchute[1]. was among the platforms that were used to plan the 2021 U.S. coup attempt.[2] On January 20th, due to conflict between Jody Williams, who had received user information due to threatening posts on, and the moderators on The, who refused to take down the posts,[3] was shut down by Williams. The moderators decided to create a successor — — which was being provided services by Epik.[4]

In late January 2021, in response to the GameStop short squeeze being carried out by the subreddit r/wallstreetbets, created an unofficial backup forum of the subreddit in an attempt to gain new users.[5] On August 27, 2021, the U.S. House of Representatives Select Committee investigating the Capitol attack demanded records from (alongside 14 other social media companies) going back to the spring of 2020.[6]

As of March 2023, gets 6 million visitors every month.

Terrible forums[edit]

Most forums on there are banned subreddit like r/The_Donald and r/Consumeproduct.


The TheDonald forum is literally the front page. As you expect, the forum consists of dead memes, unfunny political cartoons, transphobia, homophobia, Islamophobia, climate change denial, antisemitism, and more.


QAnon forum – if something can go wrong there, then everything can.


The ConsumeProduct logo, it tells us that this community is racist

A goldmine of antisemitism, racism, Islamophobia, homophobia and transphobia. It makes people who post at TheDonald forum look like geniuses.

In its wiki, it says that it thinks that TheDonald is too inclusive of black people, that it hates KotakuinAction2 because they banned them for naming the Jew, that diversity in the Christianity forum is letting them down, and that MGTOW is too extreme in their hatred of women.


This is an anti-vax forum, where one can expect conspiracy theories about Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates and microchips with a whole lot of radiophobia.



Obviously, the website hates the COVID-19 vaccine. Every single time someone gets an illness they blame it on the COVID-19 vaccine

One user talked about how a renowned professor from Harvard University trolled woke vaccine fanatics[note 1] during a House of Representatives roundtable on COVID-19 policies,[7] citing The Gateway Pundit. One user posted that the CDC spreads false information about COVID-19 vaccines' safety,[8] citing The Epoch Times. One user cited a tweet from The Vigilant Fox[9] that stated that humans have holes inside them so that aluminium, mercury and formaldehyde can enter because of mRNA injections.[10] One user linked to the /s/Coronavirus on Saidit, which is known for spreading fake news about the [[COVID-19 pandemic].[11] One user said that the COVID-19 vaccine made miscarriages increase by 57 times and stillbirths by 38 times,[12], citing a video of Tucker Carlson on Bitchute. One user said that the reason that Senator Dianne Feinstein got shingles was because she had the COVID-19 vaccine, which suppressed her immune system.[13] One contributor posted that military records have shown that HIV rates have increased by 500%.[14]


See the main article on this topic: Evolution

Unsurprisingly, with a Trumpist audience, most of whom are evangelical Christians or far-right Catholics, one is going to see creationism. Many contributors believe that evolution is a concept made up by globalists.

One user posted that when one accepts the theory of evolution, all that one is doing is letting liberals take over the world,[15] citing Answers in Genesis (AIG). Another contributor posted that Monty White, who is the CEO of AIG in the UK, proved that evolution isn't real,[16] citing Answers in Genesis again. One contributor posted that a MAGA believes in God, but that only leftists believe in both the theory of evolution and God; the poster then says that the theory says that humans came from nothing and are a overgrown parasite that will destroy the Earth; he then says that globalist are going to depopulate the Earth.[17]. One user said the reason that communism is so prevalent in the Western World is because of evolution.[18]. One user said that evolutionism is the bedrock of Communism and liberalism.[19]


See the main article on this topic: Antisemitism

The users of the website hating Jews isn't all that surprising since 95% of the user base is alt-right.

One contributor got pissed that there is a hate speech law to protect Jews,[20] linking to a tweet by Adam Green who is a racist anti-Semite. Another contributor thinks that Jews are into money just like Italians are into pizza.[21] Another contributor posted that the Jews are down-voting the "Reddit-exposing documentary"[22] One user linked a video saying that vaccines target Europeans more than Jews.[23] One user posted that Jews mostly made modern American libertarian [24] [note 2] One user claimed that 8 of the top 10 social media companies are owned by Jews.[25]. One user said that Jews and Jewbots deserve to be ruled by "fantasy Hitler" whom he calls a boogeymen invented by Jews.[26] which would mean that the user thinks that Holocaust is not real and he wants Jews to be ruled by Hitler, meaning he wants to kill Jews.


See the main article on this topic: Atheism

As one might expect, people on really hate atheism because most of them are Christian fundamentalists.

One user got pissed that England is becoming less Christian,[27] citing the far-right news site Breitbart. One user posted that the deep state has been pushing atheism since 1800s, and that Raëlism is one of their tools.[28] One user said that atheist brownshirts are coming for churches, and how r/atheism is using Joe Biden's speech is to accelerate persecution of Christians.[29] One user posted that Biden is raising an army of taxpayer-funded atheists by funding a program that sends Americans abroad to promote atheism and humanism in South/Central Asia, North Africa and the Middle East,[30] citing, a fake news site. One user posted that "They" are pushing atheism because they want us to be miserable and for them to push their alien religions, he then goes on to say that "they" themselves know that God is real through their high tech sciences.[31] One user posted that atheism is Satanic even though atheists know that Satan does not exist, the poster went on to say that sexual liberation, Raëlism, materialism, science, undefined morality, naturalism, Darwinism, and Relativism are all Satanic.[32]

Pope Francis[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Pope Francis

With many of its users being Traditionalist Catholics, one is bound to see hate for the man.

One user said that Francis thinks pedophiles have a place in Heaven,[33] citing Mike Adam's shitty YouTube Alternative. One user said that the reason that Francis takes photos with the Israeli Prime Minister (Benjamin Netanyahu) is because Israel is a state created by Jesuits, he then says that whenever a war starts NATO will be right there to fight for Israel and that the Pope controls the Temple Mount and the treasures therein.[34]


See the main article on this topic: 5G

Unsurprisingly the website hates 5G because They believe in so many Conspiracy theories

One user posted a video of a man destroying 5G towers and its from Brighteon,[35], one user said that 5G towers are causing people to develop microwave syndrome [36] and cites DCDailLaundery an Alt-right website. One user said that 5G towers are making people sick and that it's going to get worse before talking about microwave syndrome again [37] cites en-volve a fake news site. One user thinks that 5G is a weapons system who says that a weapons expert knows it but that weapons expert is Mark Steele a conspiracy theorist and an Islamophobe [38] another thinks that 5G is designed to kill people and cites NaturalNews[39]

See also[edit]

  • Ovarit — TERF forum made by moderators of another banned subreddit
  • Saidit — somehow a mix of both and Ovarit

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  1. They now consider even vaccines to be woke.
  2. Suprising since most of the people in the forum are alt-right and most alt-righters are libertarian.


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