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Nizkor Project

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Despite its horrible 90s web design, the Nizkor Project (with Nizkor meaning "We will remember" in Hebrew) does not contain crazy incomprehensible rants. It is a website founded in May 1995[1] by Kenneth McVay and gifted to B'nai Brith Canada in 2010[2] to combat Holocaust denial.

McVay's idea for the website came to him when he read Holocaust-denying material online posted by a Dan Gannon from Portland, Oregon, and he started his Holocaust research by borrowing books about the genocide and posting that research online. As requests for more information appeared, and he amassed 3500 pages of Holocaust information, he opened up Nizkor online.[1]

McVay's approach to Holocaust denial[edit]

On a committee of the Canadian Parliament which was assembled in 1996, McVay stated that the solution to Holocaust denial online was not to criminalize it, but to provide education on the Holocaust and to directly debate Holocaust deniers' points.[3]

Simon Wiesenthal Center's Sol Littman does not care for this approach to Holocaust denial and, as proven by what Nizkor calls "The Littman Letter", is not really sure which side Nizkor and McVay take on the Holocaust.[4] Yea, it really sounds as bad as it looks...

Libels, threats, and other crap against Nizkor[edit]

Due to the anti-Holocaust-denial nature of Nizkor, the website and McVay have been the targets of a lot of crap thrown against them.

McVay has been accused of being, amongst other stuff, a "confessed child-molestor"[5] and of operating a website and being a homosexual... by a man who was himself a homosexual.[6]

Tom Metzger has urged violence against something called "Zinkor"... which he doesn't know what it is because it simply does not exist.[7]

There are people who think Nizkor is written by a Ukrainian-born "Wladislaw Fedorjevic Nizkor", who "lives some 80 km west of Toronto in a dumped freight container", "was suspected for having sent a letter bomb to Ernst Zundel, the revisionist historian", "receives his web site funding from the Wiesenthal Center near Hollywood, USA", "is funded in part by Bonn-Germany" (aka West Germany) and got "a donation of 200,000 Deutschmarks was submitted by German ex-Chancellor Dr. Helmut Kohl, also dubbed Al Kohlpone", who was at the time "under party fraud investigation".[8]

Just so you can see how Nizkor faces this crap, you can see more on their "Encouragements" page (that's right, encouragements).[9].

Nizkor is now the victim of false malware reporting, seriously, just click the link to their website. It's been blacklisted by Google.

Other stuff[edit]

Nizkor has a list of fallacies on his website, based on Dr. Michael C. Labossiere's Fallacy Tutorial Pro 3.0 Macintosh program.[10]

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