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A drip is a term used in Australian political circles to describe a specific type of Twitter user. They generally identify themselves with a water drop icon in their name or description. These users will self-describe as being "Left-wing" but in reality are Centrists at best. They tend to be white, of the Baby Boomer generation, living in inner urban areas, and middle-class.[1]

The overarching common characteristic of Drips is their unquestioning belief in their own status and political ideology. They despise the right-wing Liberal Party of Australia and Rupert Murdoch-controlled media, but also dish out similar vitriol to those of the political left such as the Australian Greens. Drips will defend the supposedly centre-left Australian Labor Party for almost anything. The reason for this appears to be because of their age. Being Baby Boomers (mostly), they grew up at a time when the Labor Party were a genuinely progressive force in Australian politics. But after decades of Neoliberalism, the Labor Party too have been drawn back to at least the centre-right of the spectrum in their actions, even if in name they may be "left wing". Drips do not realise or accept this progression and will excuse or ignore anything that does not fit into their pre-conceived notions of what the Labor Party is or should be.

They also posses an incredible ability to adopt a Persecution complex — even though they are some of the most privileged people in one of the most privileged countries in the most privileged generation in human history.

Finally, they are adept at using cancel culture (of the Mark Fisher definition) in attempts to silence critics - particularly progressives and those of the left who, in another world, should be their allies on many key issues. Instead, any perceived tiny slip up — such as using the word "young" in a tweet — will trigger the visceral condemnation of hundreds of Drip accounts. This usually escalates into ever-increasing levels of outrage, harassment and abuse[2] (of the kind that they would vigorously condemn if directed the other way around).

Be careful. Even asking the question about who Drips are will result in a pile on!


The term 'Drip' originates from the tendency of these users to include the raindrop emoji in their username. This began as a coordinated campaign in 2019 following a political scandal involving the Federal Minister for Energy, Angus Taylor (of "Well Done Angus" fame).[3]

Coronavirus pandemic[edit]

During the COVID-19 pandemic drips turned their attention to public health. After a short period of confusion, they were eventually rallied into supporting absolutely every type of lockdown, regardless of its efficacy.

Eventually this has begun to spiral downwards further into conspiracy theories - some even going so far as to suggest that Russia's invasion of Ukraine was bad because it would distract attention from the Pandemic (or even that it was done deliberately).[4]