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Emmanuel Eni

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Emmanuel Amos Eni is a Nigerian author who penned a 62-page booklet entitled Delivered from the Powers of Darkness, published by Ibadan-based Scripture Union in 1988. This has been reprinted in its entirety on a number of websites, with its author's name given variously as Emmanuel Eni, Emmanuel Amos, Emmanuel Amos Eni and Emmanuel Eni Amos. The quotations in this article are taken from the online version of the text, which fixes numerous typos and EXCESSIVE CAPITALISATION found in the original book.

The story[edit]

The essay starts off as a fairly conventional "before I was a fundie, I was a Satanist" ramble in the manner of Mike Warnke but becomes so laughably unrealistic that it makes one wonder what was he taking. It kicks off when the adolescent Emmanuel, living in Nigeria, meets an old school friend named Alice, now in her twenties and practicing occultism: "One night, I woke up in the dead of the night and found a boa-constrictor beside me", says Eni. "I wanted to shout but could not. Some nights, I would wake up to see Alice’s body as transparent as a cellophane bag. Some nights, she would disappear and reappear. Some nights I would hear strange noises or dancing in the living room etc." And then Eni makes a horrible discovery:

One day, after she had left for work, I decided to search the flat. As young as she was, the flat was well furnished. She had four refrigerators and on opening one, I saw human skulls, different parts of human body both fresh and dry. Inside the ceiling were skeletons. In another corner of one of the rooms I saw (what I later knew as a ‘chamber’) a water pot filled with blood and a small tree in the centre of the pot, a calabash and a red cloth by it. I could not continue. Now I knew that I was a dead man and since I had nowhere to run to. I surrendered my life to whatever comes, life or death and kept sealed lips. Alice came back from work and from the way she looked at me, I knew that right in her office she knew what I did in the house.

After this it gets really weird. Eni goes on to describe how, forced into Alice's cult for fear of his life, he witnessed a child being sacrificed and was later teleported to India. Once there, he entered a jungle (called "INDIA JUNGLE") in which he came across "demonic birds... some had faces like dogs, some like cats" and "terrible creatures, some looked like human beings but with tails and without human faces". Eventually he visited an occult library and learnt all manners of supernatural powers, resulting in events like this:

One day I went to a hidden place in the bush, made some incantations as stated in the books and commanded the ground to open. The ground opened and the demons created steps immediately. I stepped in and went right inside the ground. There was total darkness that can only be compared with one of the plagues that occurred in Egypt as recorded in the Bible. I saw a lot of things that are hard to explain. I saw people chained, people used for making money - their duties are to work day and night to supply money to their captors.

I saw some elite society members who came in to do some sacrifices and would go back to the world with some gifts given to them by the spirits controlling the place. I saw some church leaders who came for powers, powers to say a thing that is accepted without questioning in the church. I stayed for two weeks and came back after receiving more powers. People saw me as young and innocent but never knew I was dangerous. There are lots of such people around ; only those in Christ Jesus are safe in real sense of safety.

Eni later describes how he met a woman at a bus stop who claimed to know "the Queen of the Coast"[note 1] and took him to an undersea city full of "beautiful girls and handsome young men". Here, the woman ate human flesh from a vending machine and forced Eni to swallow a whole boa constrictor; she also gave him the power to turn into "sea animals like hippopotamus, boa constrictor and crocodile".

The essay goes on to say that, back on the surface, the Queen of the Coast told Eni to kill his uncle, claiming that he killed Eni's parents. Eni refuses and is instead sent to kill two men who were apparently also involved in the death of his parents; this time he succeeds.

Next, Eni relates how he met an agent of the Queen, named Nina, and is apparently taken to a face-to-face meeting with Satan. "As we were leaving," writes Eni, "the Queen of the Coast, who now appears in different forms, invited me to her mansion. She inserted human ashes with other things inside the bones of my two legs, a stone (not an ordinary stone) in my finger and something else inside the bone of my right hand."

Eni carries on like this for some time until coming to describe how he was invited to the house of a preacher named Anthony and "was knocked down by the spirit of God". Anthony exorcises Eni, who then has a lengthy vision of a beautiful man (presumably Jesus) on a throne, and he finally converts to Christianity. Eni goes on to describe subsequent attacks by the Queen of the Coast's servants and provides commentary on the activities of Satan's agents (they cause miscarriages in marketplaces, apparently).

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  1. The online version of the book contains a slip-up: Eni quotes the woman as saying "I and the QUEEN OF THE COAST would like very much to work with you"; this is mistranscribed as "I am the queen of the coast and would like very much to work with you", wrongly identifying the woman at the bus stop as the queen. Of course, as Eni's story is complete rubbish, either way, the distinction is largely academic.