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"Hi, Billy Mays here for the Ancap Bingo!"
A bingo card to make arguments with anarcho-capitalists go a bit more smoothly. Since most of them use the same few arguments, just mark 'em off as you see 'em.
Ancap Bingo
"Democracy is tyranny of the majority!" "The Federal Reserve is slavery!" "What you're talking about is corporatism, not capitalism!" "Public education is indoctrination!" Shilling for cryptocurrency
Defense of child labor Unironic "communism is when the government does things" "People will be able to work for as much or as little as they please!" Cites Ayn Rand "The free market regulates itself!"
Private defense agencies, which will totally not become the mob "Workers are just a leech on society!" TAXATION = THEFT!
Goldbuggery Promotion of sovereign citizen/freeman on the land/other pseudolegal woo
"Monopolies can only form with the assistance of a government!" "This is a problem in our current society, so how is this a criticism against anarcho-capitalism?" "Privatization will make everything cheaper and more efficient!" One world government/New World Order conspiracy theories Advocating for lowering the age of consent
"That would violate the non-aggression principle, so there's no way that's happening in an anarcho-capitalist society!" "Welfare programs just keep people poor!" Global warming denial "If you don't like an anarcho-capitalist society, you can just move somewhere else!" "The government is going to take your guns!"
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