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The cancer industry is the vast medical-industrial complex that suppresses novel cures for cancer in order to sustain their business. Doctors within the cancer industry delight in their three-pronged quackery termed "slash, poison and burn" (surgery, chemotherapy and radiation) and will do almost anything to keep subjecting patients to these horrific abuses rather than switch to safe, gentle, natural alternatives.

It's also the title of a book by Ralph W. Moss.

The cancer industry controls not only the world of oncology, preventing new entrants with proven cures, but also acts as gatekeeper to the prestigious journals, forcing the inventors of new and wonderful cures to publish in low impact factor journals, usually ones specialising in alternative medicine.

The depth and breadth of this sinister conspiracy is demonstrated by the fact that it permeates every part of the world of so-called mainstream cancer treatment: charities, charitable foundations, oncologists, cancer centres, medical schools and of course Big Pharma are all sworn to secrecy and all part of the cancer industry.

Cynics might point out that a conspiracy involving so many diverse actors with such widely differing motivations is a ludicrous idea. That just shows how sinister the conspiracy is.

There is extensive documentation of the cancer industry in such reliable sources as Natural News,, and WDDTY. As usual, they bravely blaze the trail in bringing you information you need to know and which They (yes, Them) don't want you to have.