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Leo Rebello

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Leo Rebello is an Indian alternative medicine practitioner who claims to be able to treat many diseases including AIDS using homeopathy and naturopathy. Rebello has been the Director of the Bombay-based Natural Health Centre since 1978 and authored a great number of self-published books including AIDS $CARE, Nature Cure and Yoga Therapy, Holistic Healing in Tropical Diseases, Lifescape (a collection of 111 of Rebello's poems) and Dr. Leo's Lens: The Blueprint for a Holistic Development of India, a manifesto of sorts for his unsuccessful run for the Presidency of India.


Dr. Water, Dr. Diet, Dr. Rest (or Sleep) Dr. Exercise, Dr. Sunshine, Dr. Merryman (or Humour) and Dr. Leo Rebello are the seven wonderful doctors (like the seven wonders) of the World. If you follow their advice properly, you will live to be healthy hundred without ills, pills and bills.
—Rebello, modestly writing about himself on his website's front page[1]


Rebello believes vaccines are "untested, unsafe and unnecessary", that they are the cause of mercury poisoning and autism, and that vaccination programmes could become a method for an engineered bio-terror weapon to be introduced into India by the US, UN and WHO to control the country's population.[2]

Vaccines are so dangerous, according to Rebello, that: "Hitler pales into insignificance when it comes to genocide of small children due to vaccinations."[3]

Organ donation[edit]

Rebello has stated that he is against organ donation. As one of his reasons for opposing organ donation, he claims celebrities who are recipients of an organ donation can be controlled like a robot using a remote-control chip: "If you are a famous person, chip can be implanted into you during surgery and you can be controlled or killed."[4]


On the front page of Rebello's website, as well as on the front cover of his book AIDS $CARE, he states: "Anti-Retrovirals is the only cause of AIDS". The claim that HIV is the cause of AIDS "is the biggest con of our times" according to Rebello, placing him firmly into the camp of HIV denialism.

Social and political views[edit]


Rebello's HIV denialism has a certain homophobic streak: what causes someone to progress to full-blown AIDS is the "unnatural living" of gay men.

According to Rebello's Twitter account: "In Normal Sex, Male penis goes into the Vagina of a female. In Abnormal Sex Male puts Penis into the Arsehole of another man. Aberration."[5] In response to an interview with a skeptical podcast, Rebello described those who disagreed with him as a "Party of Homosexuals, idiots, [and] drug addicts".[6] Rebello's sexual philosophy considers sex between gay men to be a "physical, mental & spiritual disconnect".[7]


Rebello's Twitter account reveals more than just homophobia: a constant drumbeat of anti-Semitism. The Jews not only killed Jesus but they did so because Jesus was opposed to capitalism, according to Rebello.[8] Not only this, but according to Rebello, the 'Jewish-controlled media' are responsible for hiding the plundering of the wealth of the 99% and transferring it to the 1%.[9]

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