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Ralph W. Moss

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Alternative medicine
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Clinically unproven

Ralph W. Moss is an alternative cancer "guru". Never seen in public without the title "Dr.", he holds a Ph.D. in classics (not an M.D. or any scientifically relevant qualification). He claims to have been an associate director of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC), but they say he was just a science writer.[1] He was dismissed by MSKCC in 1977 after accusing them of suppressing information supportive of laetrile. Moss cites this as evidence that laetrile works and is suppressed by the medical establishment. A cynic might agree that attacking your employer for failing to support quackery is a great reason for being dismissed.

He is the author of several books promoting various forms of cancer woo, and seems to be the canonical source of the term "cancer industry" in his book of the same name. His books are hugely popular with people like Mike Adams, Joseph Mercola and of course the real cancer industry, the cottage industry of quacks, scammers, frauds and cynical bastards that exploit the desperate and vulnerable for personal gain, all of whom promote them tirelessly, never forgetting to call him "Dr." and often repeating his false claim to have been an associate director of MSKCC. They don't understand the appeal to authority fallacy, poor dears.

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