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Greek (Ελληνικά) is a language with many strange letters, some of which are numbers, angles, or prefixes to measurements - not real letters at all. Greek, along with Latin, is used to form the roots of an overwhelming amount of scientific and philosophical vocabulary. Greek and Latin are actually rather similar grammatically, as both come from the same Indo-European roots as Sanskrit, Persian, and the Slavic and Germanic languages. Since the lingua franca of early Christianity was Greek, and much of the vocabulary of scriptural interpretation is of Greek origin, Christian intellectuals sometimes like to beat the rubes over the head with obscure Greek terms; for an "example", see the Pastor's Corner at Objective Ministries. To make the whole shit even more confusing sometimes Greek and Latin are mixed without rhyme or reason. Which gives us words like automobile (from Greek autos "self" and Latin "mobilis" ~ movable/moving) or homosexuality (from Greek "homos" ~ equal and Latin "sexus" ~ sex [in the meaning of gender, not that of intercourse]).

Greek salad features many Mediterranean staples like tomatoes, olives, goat cheese, and tomatoes. Greek pizza is a thin-crust pizza baked in a pan with generous quantities of olive oil both on top and underneath.

The "Greek" system in colleges and universities provides a way for people to have ready-made groups of friends, often bound together by humiliating rituals, that, like religion, increase the loyalty of its members because they're determined to believe it was worth it. For boys, there are "fraternities," and for the girls, "sororities." They use two or three Greek letters to form their organizations' names.

It's all Greek to me.

Not to be confused with "Greeking," which printers do, nor with "Greek love", which is something men used to do to each other in ancient Greece.

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