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Fun talk:List of truthful politicians

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This list is factually incorrect[edit] Fuzzy "Cat" Potato, Jr. (talk/stalk) 21:03, 8 November 2016 (UTC)

I was making fun of the stereotype.-💎📀1️⃣ (talk) 23:57, 8 November 2016 (UTC)


You forgot a few people on your list, such as [blank]. Make sure to correct that when you get the chance.--Don Juan (talk) 22:48, 1 December 2018 (UTC)

This list is hilarious. :D — Dysk (contribs) 23:26, 1 December 2018 (UTC)
I think we should edit the list to include the people I mentioned, such as [blankitty blank blank]. Just a thought.--Don Juan (talk) 23:52, 1 December 2018 (UTC)

I'm sad even we don't think tumbleweeds make for truthful politicians. --It's-a me, Lgm sigpic.png LeftyGreenMario! 00:20, 2 December 2018 (UTC)

I don't know, tumbleweeds tend to be bluntly honest about the state of things at times... Don Juan (talk) 08:19, 2 December 2018 (UTC)

A joke[edit]

I have come across this variously:

A politician was being given a lie detector test. Because he was so used to lying it responded when he was asked for his name and said it. Anna Livia (talk) 00:03, 2 December 2018 (UTC)

That's a joke? It seems like it's just setup and resolution like a story, no punchline. ikanreed 🐐Bleat at me 00:16, 2 December 2018 (UTC)
It was 'a generic politician.'
All politicians are truthful occasionally (particularly when it is to their advantage); or are 'Economical with the actualité' when it suits them.
Anyone know the origins of 'If a politician denies something three times it is true/that they will not resign they are going to'? Anna Livia (talk) 11:14, 2 December 2018 (UTC)