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Gail Dines

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Dines in 2013
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Gail Dines (1958–) is a radical feminist media scholar known for her anti-pornography work.

Anti-pornography scholarship and activism[edit]

Dines is the founder of Stop Porn Culture, a politically feminist organization which publishes material for activists to use for anti-pornography "education".

Half of her beef is with the porn industry for profiting off of the humiliation of women and men, reproducing (har) and reinforcing sexist and racist ideology, preying on adolescent and pre-adolescent minors, and, in her view, trying to make everyone's sexuality the same. The other half of her beef is concerned with the fact that soft-core pornography has migrated into mainstream culture (shocking, we know).

Opinion of third-wave feminism[edit]

While acknowledging that third-wave feminism has produced some good-work, like intersectionality, she claims that on the whole, it is just neoliberal ideology applied to the women's movement.[1] Among her arguments is that third-wavers seem to emphasize individual women's empowerment, whereas second-wavers were big on women's liberation as an entire gender/class. She's not wrong that there are plenty of third-wavers who think this way, or that it seems to be the prevailing feminist ideology today. Where she is incorrect is in seeing second-wavers as the radicals and third-wavers as the (neo)liberals. There have been radical traditions in all three waves, and there have been liberal/moderate/conservative traditions in all three waves.


See Also[edit]

  • Andrea Dworkin, whose anti-pornography work inspired Dines's to some extent (however Dines has managed not to absorb her slight misandry)


  1. Neo-Liberalism and the Defanging of Feminism (YouTube), a lecture of hers from July 2012