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I chose to spend three hours watching two men sit in a chair in the mid-1980s and promote nonsense and was only intermittently bored because there is something inherently fascinating about elaborate conspiracy theories being promoted by people with no self-consciousness and no self-awareness.
—An honest review of Greenwald's Deception of a Generation[1]

Dr. Gary L. Greenwald (1946–2023) was a weirdo California based pastor who strongly resembled 1970's porn star John Holmes. He also promoted the pointless Satanic Panic movement in the 1980's through a series of fear-mongoring videos. Greenwald had made a career in interpreting occult or satanic symbolism in almost everything ever.

Greenwald's primary crusade was against rock music, which he claimed contained large amounts of demoniacally inspired backward masking.[2] He has also railed against action figures (creating a video in conjunction with Phil Phillips), Saturday morning cartoons, Asian martial arts, yoga and statues and jewelry with a perceived occult influence.

"Eagle's Nest Ministries" in California where he practiced faith healing is still operating today in his honor (or lack thereof).[3]


According to his biography & obituary on the official Eagle's Nest website, Gary Greenwald’s early life was marked with disease. His parents were told that he had polio and he also had encephalitis and other debilitating health issues. He told his mother, Vivian, that he felt like he was a lemon and she put a small prayer group together to pray for a miracle for her son and she got one. The hospital in Bethesda documented his childhood recovery as a miracle but he healed on his own without any divine miracles or interventions.

When Gary was in high school, the school rejected having a Youth for Christ chapter on their campus (because Separation of church and state). So, he went to the fire station across the street to ask if they would allow him to have Youth for Christ meetings there and the station said yes and by a fluke, Gary won it became one of the most successful chapters at that time.

As a young man in Southern California, he started buying movie equipment, rented an auditorium and distributed fundamentalist propaganda leaflets placed flyers on cars, advertising free fundamentalist porn screenings Christian movie screenings with a invitation to indoctrination salvation call at the end of the flicks.

Greenwald opened his own sign company and built one of the first signs for Trinity Broadcasting Network'; However, in 1978, after one night of smoking too much weed and dropping too much acid claiming he received three prophetic words in two weeks confirming his call, he left his quarter million dollar sign company to enter into ministry full-time after being nearly drowned baptized in the imaginary ghost Holy Spirit.

Greenwald founded Eagle’s Nest Ministries in 1979 initially in Irvine, California[citation needed] and ministered to hundreds, then thousands of gullible, sick, and old people in services as well as conducting international healing and miracle crusades using every media format from print to radio to audio cassettes to television and theatrical productions to spread his propaganda to the gullible masses to bring the (plagiarized) message of the gospel to life, most notably on Television with a weekly program attacking Rock & Roll music, recreational marijuana, children's toys, video games, RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons, & holidays like Halloween using poorly researched material and suggesting absurd alternatives such as eating and handing out sugarless candy & fruit & dressing up as biblical characters from the tome of plagiarized stories The Holy Bible as opposed to to dressing up like demons or witches or movie monsters and eating regular candy (See External Links for The Eagle's Nest's Halloween episodes, which is believed to have been a three part message, but only two parts exist).

Many detractors, mostly from Generation X & the Millennials, claim that while growing up, the Eagle's Nest programs such as "Deception of A Generation" influenced their parents and grandparents and relatives in ruining their childhoods by confiscating and/or destroying their toys, comics, cartoons, and games.[citation needed]

Greenwald authored several collections of toilet paper books including Seductions Exposed, The Punk called Rock, Prophets and Personal Prophecy & Prophets and Prophetic Movements. He also recorded several lectures on subjects such as Dungeons & Dragons on Audio Cassette and sold these as well as his other publications on his television program and in his newsletters.

Greenwald also held two doctorates (Which he probably found in a box of Cracker Jacks). [3]

Greenwald regularly shoved his beliefs down other people's throats ministered to individuals almost every day of his personal life, whether he was in a grocery store or a restaurant.

Selected media releases[edit]

Greenwald seemed to be a prolific, if not well distributed multimedia creator. Some titles that have surfaced on the internet include...

  • The Punk Called Rock (1981 - cassette series) Greenwald attempted exposing satanic subliminal messages in the popular music of the era.
  • Marijuana the Heavenly Deception (1983 - book)
  • Rock's Primal Scream (1983 VHS) Greenwald showed his unproven examples of how Satan uses rock music to control its listeners and eventually possess them entirely.[4]
  • Deception of a Generation (1984 or 1985 - VHS) Gary Greenwald and Phil Phillips combined in to a giant robot of crazy when they took on the occult symbolism in Scooby-Doo, E.T., He-Man, The Smurfs, Transformers, Superman, and (of course) Dungeons and Dragons.[5][1]
  • Prophets and Prophetic Movements (1990 - book) Self described as "This sequel to Prophets and Personal Prophecy is packed with the same kind of cutting instruction that made the first volume a best-seller. Prophetic insights, how-to's, and warnings make this book essential for the Spirit-filled church." You too can tap insight, knowledge, and wisdom that made Harold Camping so successful.
  • Seductions Exposed: The Spiritual Dynamics of Relationships (2003 - book) Greenwald tried to explain various factors that can lead to abusive relationships, codependent relationships and other romantic problems. Those factors include "...cursing yourself through forbidden statues, jewelry, and practices..."[6]


Gary had been battling (and loosing the battle against) fatigue for the past few years. He wanted rest that his propaganda mill The Eagle's Nest, hoped would lead to a recovery. He was diagnosed as having an infection. The doctors prescribed a series of antibiotics to get it under control; However, complications arose from the antibiotics and his body was having difficulty filtering out what the doctors finally labeled as sepsis, which ultimately lead to the malfunctioning of his vital organs, and his death on (Of all days, Obviously) 25th December 2023. Greenwald then entered The Gates of Hell, where he now burns for all eternity for spreading the love of Jesus Christ by using biblical propaganda to condemn childhood toys, happy trick or treat times & popular music of being gateways to Satanism his crimes of deception against a generation.[7]

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