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Roy Masters, born Reuben Obermeister, (1928–) is a strange cookie indeed. He has a weekly talk radio show (and a book) called Finding God in Physics and does a daily radio show called Advice Line. His views are a weird hybrid of fundamentalist Christianity and the New Age movement, though he refutes the New Age claim and offers further explanation of his views in a statement of belief.[1]

Masters used to be a full-time hypnotist but apparently discovered that most people are already hypnotized and need to be freed. He also thinks that after a few hand-waving references to quantum physics and gravity, he has proven the existence of his God. Add in abstinence-only sex education, traditional gender roles, vicious misogyny, past lives, and any right-wing conspiracy theory he has ever run into (and probably some that he made up), and you've got his views in a nutshell. He has his own version of mumbletypeg physics. He never met a right-wing conspiracy theory he didn't like. His Wikipedia page is heavily whitewashed[2] and seems to be defended by true believers.[3]

He hates Obama so much that when a caller calls Obama a "communist", he runs with it. Unsurprisingly, he is also an enthusiastic birther.

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