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These lolcows are more interested in laughing grass
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Lolcow (LOLWikipedia + "cow") (not to be confused with The Laughing CowWikipedia), is a derogatory slang term used to describe an eccentric individual with an internet presence who is deemed highly exploitable and therefore susceptible to online trolling/harassment ("milked for laughs", hence the comparison to a cow), especially due to their gullible display of online behaviour (don't feed the troll). Communities of harassers such as Kiwi Farms often digitally stalk, dox, and discuss lolcow victims at their expense. The harassers are fascinated by the abnormality of their victims' personal lives, including beliefs, sexuality, and/or behaviours. Many "lolcows" are neurodivergent or have extreme social and political views, such as so-called SJW, MRA, or feminist beliefs. Because of this, the communities that are obsessed with "lolcows" tend to be right-wing leaning. Despite this, some (albeit much fewer) notable "lolcows" are right-leaning.

Basically, a fancy word to say "This guy is easy to bully, go get'em!"

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