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Ask an Atheist is a live call-in radio show based in Lakewood, WA, and currently broadcast on KLAY AM 1180 Tacoma. Episodes are also available as a podcast or on YouTube after the live recording. The show was originally a public access TV show, but had to be reorganized for radio after the Seattle public access studio was closed down. However, the show won several awards given out by Seattle public access during its tenure on TV, among others for "Favorite Religious, Spiritual, or Faith programming."[1]

The show usually discusses a topic brought in by the hosts, but has open lines for callers. Regular segments that have also been featured include "The Countdown to Backpedaling,"[2] a countdown to the next foretold Rapture as prophesied by Harold Camping, or "Scripture Says… What?" in which certain passages of various holy texts are examined.

Members of cast and crew[edit]

Current advertised cast as of some time recently.[3]

  • Sam Mulvey (Producer)
  • Rebecca Friedman (Assistant Producer)
  • Mike Gillis - Co-creator and writer
  • Casey Doran - Co-creator, former producer
  • Dan Lombardo
  • Wes Bonetti
  • Mike Warbington
  • Bob Seidensticker - Turned atheist from agnostic by a YEC
  • Nick Kennedy - Musician (Bassis, guitar, vocals)
  • Rebecca Vitsmun

Past members of cast[edit]

  • Beth Lehman - Second generation atheist
  • Case - Skeptic specialising in conspiracy theories
  • Chad Cassady - Beatboxer and lead guitars
  • Darren Garvin - Former teacher at Northside Christian Academy, gave it up in 2000
  • Deanna Joy Lyons - Night time traffic reporter by day, but by night a presenter on… wait, may have copied this down wrong
  • Jeremy Whitman - Strict Christian upbringing, now ginger comedian
  • Jerry Schiffelbein - "The Hardest Working Man in Atheism" (Surely that's Matt Dillahunty? - Ed.)
  • Joe Distefano - Survivor of 12 years of Catholic School
  • Kate Fahr - YouTube's BionicDance
  • Libbie Grant - Former Mormon
  • Rich Lyons - Formerly a fundamentalist preacher and also host of the show Living After Faith[4]
  • Scott Leopold - Atheist Jew, blood donor


People who have appeared as guests on the show include:

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