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The Exposé is a UK-based fake news webshite that mostly expresses hostility towards the COVID-19 vaccine. The site first appeared in November 2020.[note 1] As expected, the people on the site believe in many conspiracy theories. They constantly ask viewers to donate to the site either a one-time donation, monthly subscription or by giving them your Bitcoin, because they believe they are being censored by the government.[1] There are two main accounts that post on the site: one is the Exposé themselves as a group, and the other is one Rhoda Wilson, a victim of crank magnetism syndrome.[2] They are never consistent with the number of deaths supposedly caused by the COVID-19 vaccine.

The webshite also promotes global warming denialism and various alternative medicine scams, and earnestly promotes Russian conspiracy propaganda.

COVID-19 vaccine[edit]

The people running this site obviously hate the COVID-19 vaccine, and link it to a variety of paranoid conspiracy theories.

One world government[edit]

Wilson posted that that World Health Organization (WHO) is establishing a New World Order and that the WHO is controlled by globalist billionaires, linking to a video on the crank site "Rumble."[3] They wrote that the WHO is trying to install a one world government under the guise of global health security.[4]


See the main article on this topic: Depopulation conspiracy theory

They appear to have a thing for vaccine manufacturer Pfizer and government organizations, which they link to a whole bunch of conspiracy theories using fake sources.

The Exposé wrote that secret Pfizer and government documents show that COVID-19 vaccines caused a rise in AIDS,[5] and that government documents show that COVID-19 vaccine is going to depopulate the world.[6]

The Exposé talk about how "whistleblowers" have come out against the COVID-19 vaccine that the government is using nanotechnology to depopulate the world. They said that according to Pfizer, government documents 750,000 deaths have been caused by the Covid-19 vaccine in 38 countries that child mortality has increased by 558%; their only source is made up data created by anti-vaxxers. They claimed that vaccinated children are 14 times more likely to die.[7] They also wrote that government reports show COVID-19 vaccine is killing millions using fabricated sources.[8] They post fabricated Pfizer documents that claim COVID-19 vaccination is destroying immune systems, killing hundreds of thousands and causing infertility, stillbirths, and cancer.[9]

Infertility and cancer[edit]

The Exposé promotes a variety of conspiracy theories that say that COVID-19 vaccines result in infertility.

The Exposé claimed that vaccinating pregnant women is dangerous to the fetus and misinterpret scientific studies related to the vaccine.[10] Wilson claimed that the vaccine destroys the immune system and causes miscarriages.[11] Another crank contributor[note 2] wrote the vaccine damages the placenta in pregnant vaccine recipients, citing a pseudoscientific "study".[12] Citing another fake news webshite, they wrote that COVID-19 vaccination causes birth defects, infertility, and fetal deaths.[13]

Yet another post claimed that a Florida doctor identified prostate cancer and infertility in men who took the vaccine.[14]


In a curious article, they present facts about DNA, then claim that "genetically modified pathogens" in COVID-19 vaccines modify DNA and doesn't allow it to bypass the second law of thermodynamics, or something.[15] Citing fake studies spammed by another fake news site, they repeat the DNA modification mumbo jumbo and allege a conspiracy theory among the vaccine makers.[16] They cited a Swedish study that claims that the vaccine alters DNA via the liver.[17]

Other claims[edit]

Germ theory denialism[edit]

When not going on about how COVID vaccines are killing people en masse, The Exposé has ventured towards germ theory denial.

The Exposé posted that germ theory is just a theory. They then said that there is plenty of evidence that it is wrong, saying that modern medicine is a religion, showing a picture of Louis Pasteur and saying vaccinate the fish and Antoine Béchamp saying clean the fishbowl. They say that most of modern medicine is based on germ theory, citing bullshit studies that are not peer-reviewed.[18]

Global warming denialism[edit]

Wilson posted that people should welcome global warming. She first wrote that global warming isn't real that people who believe in it drink kool-aid. She wrote that only a tiny number of people die from heatwaves but in the United States alone 1,300 died from it,[19] She recommended that her audience read Zina Cohen’s denialist book, Greta’s Homework,[20] saying that it is full of facts that Greta Thunberg's fans have given her a hard time.[21] Wilson posted that researchers have shown that net zero will cause half of the population to starve, based on the researcher William Harper, who is a climate change denialist. She then says that CO2 levels are on a record low saying that the data destroys the theory that CO2 causes global warming. She urged governmental agencies to stop net zero and to:

  • Delete any reliance on and citation to IPCC government-controlled findings.
  • Delete any reliance on and citation to CMIP models and any other models unless they have been proven to work.
  • Delete any reliance on methods other than the scientific method, such as peer-review and consensus.
  • Include and analyse the enormous social benefits of CO2.
  • Include and analyse the enormous social benefits of fossil fuels.
  • Immediately stop all efforts to eliminate fossil fuels to avoid massive human starvation in the future[22]

The Exposé posted that global warming is a scam. They said that all the news articles from the last century are wrong and that In the 1970s people believed global cooling was real they then criticize EU and the United Kingdom for fighting global warming.[23]. Wilson posted that very few scientists agree that climate change is caused by humans he cites CO2 Coalition, a climate change denialist organisation, She then proceeded to cite papers from climate change denialists that most scientists don't believe climate change is caused by humans.[24] Wilson wrote about how carbon dioxide, nitrogen and climate change are greening the Earth. She called carbon dioxide nature's fertilizer and talks about how climate change is greening the earth citing the Epoch Times and themselves claiming NASA said that CO2 is greening the Earth.[25]

Alternative medicine promotion[edit]

Once one sees how much this site promotes alternative medicine, one would see it as nothing more than British NaturalNews.

Wilson recommended ivermectin and other drugs for cancer treatment. She first said that cancers are developing in vaccinated people, then recommended advice from Jane McLelland a pseudoscientist who says that ivermectin is safe medicine but it actually can cause serious side effects,[26] She wrote that chemotherapy and radiotherapy only extends life by three months.[27] Wilson posted that ivermectin is demonized because Big Pharma wants to make money. She wrote that ivermectin has anti-cancer properties, cures multiple sclerosis, cures Covid and is safe for human use. She wrote that the only reason that drugs are recommended are for profit.[28] Wilson posted that military documents have revealed that ivermectin works in all phases of COVID-19.

Russian-Ukrainian war[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Ukraine

The Exposé promotes a lot of Kremlin propaganda. They usually say that the war is a distraction from the Covid vaccine

In a post Wilson said that the United Kingdom is sending equipment to Ukraine to enrich the elites. She started listing European countries that have sent equipment to Ukraine. She said that the counter-offensive was being delayed to due to money and that the BlackRock owns 30% of Ukraine. She finally said that equipment was to be sold to elites to keep control of Ukrainian agricultural land.[29]

Wilson posted that the Red Cross is harvesting organs from Ukrainians She first said that Russian Investigative Council will look into allegations of shady practices by the Ukrainian Red Cross. She said that Russia was able to liberate Mariupul and that they have seen a lot of evidences for organ harvesting in Ukraine. She showed a video on YouTube that has been deleted and then she showed the link to the same video on Brighteon. She then cited articles from New Eastern Outlook and Frontier Post for the history of organ harvesting in Ukraine. She said that due to demand for organ transplants there has been an increase in organ harvesting in Ukraine. She then claimed that Ukraine had been organ harvesting since 2014 and that Russians found about it.[30]

Wilson posted that those cheering for Ukraine are cheering for slaughter of Ukrainians and others. She started off saying that the left is supporting neo-Nazis in Ukraine then said, "A Century of Political Violence in Ukraine Is Linked to The Atrocities of Today" that Ukrainian nationalists raped, killed and tortured Mariupol residents. She wrote that a French army soldier said that war crimes were being committed by the Ukrainian Army. She then said that white nationalists were learning from the Azov Regiment and that the Azov Regiment was radicalizing white nationalists.[31]

Wilson posted that the U.S. is funding biolabs in Ukraine for biodefence and biowarfare. She said that according to Russian officials, the U.S has been funding biolabs secretly in Ukraine. She cited Tucker Carlson on Fox News saying that The Pentagon's statement on biolabs is false. She cited Glenn Greenwald, a conspiracy theorist, then said that the U.S. government had admitted to funding biolabs in Ukraine, after citing Greenwald. She cited Russell Brand, a conspiracy theorist, after citing him she went on to say that there are three narratives about the biolabs:

  1. The biolabs were to cure tuberculosis in Ukraine
  2. The biolabs were leftovers from the Soviet Union
  3. The biolabs were were for vaccine development

Wilson said that it's all of them or it's none of the options. She finally claimed that the U.S. is not being transparent about the biolabs.[32]

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  2. Going by the handle "Captaindaretofly," finally someone other than the main two sockpuppet accounts.


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