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Grace Hill Media (GHM) is a public relations firm founded in 2000. Its mission is to promote movies and TV shows with favorable portrayals of Christian people and philosophies. They do this by lobbying pastors to insert plugs into their sermons. The basic message from the pulpit is the same: "If you want to see more pro-Christian TV shows and movies in the theaters, you'll see this even if it's a piece of crap."

GHM also promotes pro-family values projects that supposedly don't offend fundy sensibilities.[note 1] GHM was also the main PR firm behind the Left Behind and Chronicles of Narnia movies. GHM's clientèle expanded after The Passion of the Christ (2004) raked in over $300 million in its first few weeks. [1]

GHM has not been 100% effective in its efforts. Many movies and TV shows with what seemed like Christian-friendly themes still bombed over their two decades of existence.[2] Sometimes a sucky movie is just a sucky movie.

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  1. Although you have to wonder how many pastors pitched Elf (2003) to their congregations.


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