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Kajsa Ekis Ekman at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas in Sydney
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Kajsa "Ekis" Ekman (1980–) is a Swedish trans-exclusionary radical feminist (TERF) and pro-Russian debater. Widely considered Sweden's most prominent TERF, she is the author of several anti-trans articles and a book, and has been a columnist at some of the larger newspapers in Sweden. In 2022 she was fired by the Swedish left-wing newspaper ETC after she had claimed that Russian propaganda broadcaster RT publishes "very solid journalism." Later in 2022 she was hired and then fired only a week later as editor of the left-wing newspaper ArbetarenWikipedia, after the entire board and several staff members had resigned in protest over her hiring.[1][2] She has also contributed to fringe publications such as the "red-brown" conspiracy theorist website Steigan.no.[3][4]


Ekman has become known as the most prominent trans-exclusionary radical feminist in Sweden. She co-founded the anti-trans group Women's Declaration InternationalWikipedia (WDI) in Sweden in 2020.[3]

In 2018 the radical feminist National Organisation for Women’s Shelters and Young Women's Shelters in SwedenWikipedia said that Ekman's anti-trans views were inconsistent with their values, and cancelled a planned talk with Ekman.[5] Maria Ramnehill argued in 2018 that Ekman spreads scaremongering propaganda about trans women.[6]

In 2021 she published an anti-trans book titled Om könets existens (On the existence of sex) about the supposed threat from "gender ideology." The book was criticized for relying on far-right "fake news sources"[7] and depicting trans women as a threat.[8] The Norwegian newspaper MorgenbladetWikipedia described the book's anti-trans rhetoric as "abhorrent" and noted that "it is debatable whether this book deserves any discussion at all."[9] Norwegian feminist Maria Horvei wrote that Ekman's "onesided" book argues against strawmen.[10] The Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender RightsWikipedia published a book titled 100 fel i 'Om könets existens' that argued that her book contained numerous inaccuracies and dubious sources.[11] In 2021, the Swedish Forum for Gender Studies cancelled a discussion of Ekman's book, stating that "the Forum for Gender Studies is not a place for transphobia and anti-trans hate".[12]

Pro-Russian views[edit]

Ekman is widely known for her pro-Putin views. In 2022 she was fired by the left-wing daily ETC for promoting Russian propaganda, after she had claimed that RT publishes "very solid journalism." ETC's chief editor Andreas Gustavsson said he had fired Ekman because she had "whitewashed RT and what they are up to in the world."[13]

Hired and fired as newspaper editor[edit]

A few months after she was fired by ETC, she was hired and then fired only a week later as editor of the anarcho-syndicalist newspaper ArbetarenWikipedia, after the entire board and several staff members had resigned in protest over her hiring, citing her pro-Russian and anti-transgender views. The case received widespread media attention in Sweden.[14][15]


In 2020 she received the Lenin Award, an award founded by Swedish Maoist Jan MyrdalWikipedia.[16][17]


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