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Women's Declaration International (WDI), originally named Women's Human Rights Campaign (WHRC), is a British TERF group with branches in several other countries, including the United States. It has been described as "one of the key players of anti-trans feminism at a global scale"[1] and one of the "the most important 'gender critical' groups,"[2] and is part of the broader anti-gender landscape internationally.[3] It has been described by the Southern Poverty Law Center as being part of an "anti-LGBTQ+ pseudoscience network" that engages in narrative manipulation.[4][5] WDI focuses on harassing individual trans people in social media and promoting conspiratorial thinking.[3] It is noted for its open collaboration with the far right and pro-Trump Republicans, and is described by mainstream feminists as "an extreme anti-trans group"[6] and "anti-trans bigots disguised as feminists."[7]

Anti-trans activism[edit]

WDI openly and extensively collaborates with the far right.[8][9][10] It has endorsed pro-Trump Republican anti-trans initiatives and has developed model legislation to restrict transgender rights that has been used by Republicans in state legislatures in the United States.[11] A 2023 report by Transgender Europe described WDI as one of the main anti-gender actors targeting trans people in Germany, and stated that WDI's tactics include fostering open hostility towards individual trans people, encouraging conspiracy thinking, building connections with the far right and promoting "shitstorms" against selected targets.[3] Per Koch, a historian of ideas, noted that WDI "spends almost all of its time persecuting trans women," including by "trolling trans people in social media."[12] In 2020 Sarah Clarke and Mallory Moore of the Trans Safety Network described WDI (WHRC) as "a key point of convergence" between transphobic feminism and far right activism.[13] The 2023 report Rights For Me, Not For Thee: How Anti-Trans Feminists Took Their Advocacy to the United Nations described WDI as "a goliath of anti-trans activism with nearly 50 regional chapters worldwide" with a "deep involvement with the Christian Right."[9]

Fascism scholar Simon StrickWikipedia noted that WDI’s "extremist" positions have "isolated the WDI from wider international feminism and brought them into strategic coalitions with conservative and extreme right organizations".[14] The largest U.S. feminist organization, the National Organization for WomenWikipedia (NOW), described WDI as "anti-trans bigots disguised as feminists" and said WDI has a focus on "sex fundamentalism and hostility towards trans people."[7][15]

The Association for Women's Rights in DevelopmentWikipedia (AWID) described WDI (WHRC) as a Trojan Horse in human rights spaces and said that it "engages in sensationalism and fear-mongering" to "undermine and water down the progressions of human rights standards that protect the rights of trans and gender non-conforming persons,"[16] and that it promotes "extreme anti-trans misinformation" and is "an extreme anti-trans group."[6] WDI has been described by scholars as part of a "complex threat to democracy" that "represent[s] a reactionary populist backlash to basic human rights principles," and that seeks to "demonize the very basics of trans existence".[17]

There is a significant overlap between WDI and some other TERF groups, including Women's Liberation Front (WoLF) and FiLiA. WDI USA President Kara Dansky has also served as co-chair of WoLF, an astroturf group pretending to be feminists, but actually funded by evangelical Christian hate group Focus on the Family and to some extent by Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), which is designated as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. As President of WDI USA, Dansky has also been a regular guest on white nationalist Tucker Carlson's show. WDI's willingness to work with the far right has even been criticized by some other TERFs. Dansky has defended WDI's work with religious and far-right groups, stating that few other people are willing to work with them.[8] Both WDI and WoLF have filed amicus briefs in multiple ADF court cases.[8] In September 2023, WDI hosted an anti-trans conference in San Francisco, that also featured a panel on "working with the right." The conference was opposed by feminists and pro-LGBTQ+ demonstrators.[18]

WDI members frequently share and promote articles from Reduxx, a far-right website that has become one of the main organs of the TERF movement.

"Declaration on Women's Sex-Based Rights"[edit]

WHRC/WDI was originally created to promote a manifesto against transgender rights titled "Declaration on Women's Sex-Based Rights". In 2019 PinkNews noted that the group "primarily exist[ed] as the organisation behind the declaration".[19] The Association for Women's Rights in DevelopmentWikipedia said the declaration co-opts the "Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against WomenWikipedia (CEDAW) framework to claim that 'sex' is an immutable category and 'gender' is not a legitimate concept",[6] and that the "'sex-based' rhetoric misuses concepts of sex and gender to push a deeply discriminatory agenda".[16] Legal scholar and human rights expert Sandra Duffy described the declaration's concept of "sex-based rights" as "a fiction with the pretense of legality".[20] The declaration has been described as "a smoke and mirrors act void of any legal grounding" that relies on "a cherry-picked interpretation of CEDAW [...] ignoring decades of advancements in human rights law."[9] Leading feminist organizations in the United Kingdom united in condemnation of the event that launched the declaration, with Scottish Women's AidWikipedia describing WDI (WHRC) as a group "seeking to stigmatise and discriminate against trans women."[21]

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