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Heaven's Gate

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Marshall Applewhite.
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Heaven's Gate was a shitty 1980 movieWikipedia, but also the name of an early web design company and UFO cult, led by Do (a.k.a. Marshall Herff Applewhite, Jr. (1931–1997)) and Ti (a.k.a. Bonnie Nettles (1927–1985). They achieved infamy in 1997 when the 39-strong "Heaven's Gate Away Team" committed mass suicide in San Diego, California, using phenobarbital mixed with applesauce and chased down with vodka, in order to get on board a UFO that they believed (through misinterpretation of a photograph, and remote viewing) was trailing behind comet Hale-Bopp (which had come into "close"[1] proximity with Earth). This particular suicide became famous for the eerie sameness of how all of the cultists died: All of the bodies were discovered wearing matching black sweatsuits, with brand new Nike shoes, and a square of purple cloth covering their faces and torsos.

Two members of the group survived, however, and unusually this was by mutual agreement. The two stayed behind to spread word about the cult, maintain the Web site (poorly), and answer questions.[2]

The Bible[edit]

Despite being a PIDOOMA religion, Heaven's Gate used Bible quote to justify their beliefs, which just goes to show one can justify just about anything with the Bible.[3]

  • "Breaking Away from the World (Discipleship)":
  • "Recognizing, Believing, & Following the Representative from the Kingdom of Heaven":
  • "Separating from Human-Mammalian Characteristics":
  • "These Last Days":
  • "Avoid Being Judgmental":
  • "Soul vs. Flesh Body":

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