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Hege Storhaug (born 1962) is a Norwegian Islamophobecrank, anti-immigration activist and racist. She is ostensibly the "head of information" of the Islamophobic "Human Rights Service" organization, but is in reality more or less identical with that organization, which only consists of herself and a family member of hers as an inactive participant. Her core theme is how Muslims are evil and plotting the overthrow of Europe, but she also embraces traditional racism, eg. by regularly publishing articles by the Swedish racist "Julia Caesar," including an article where she claims Africans are less intelligent and that immigration of Africans is a "mass import of mentally retarded people."[1] Storhaug regularly promotes blog posts by the Islamophobic blogger Fjordman, who inspired Anders Behring Breivik, and has described Fjordman's racist and conspiracy theorist screeds as "fantastic Fjordman essays."[2]

In 2015, Hege Storhaug, using rhetoric closely resembling Anders Behring Breivik, accused conservative Prime Minister Erna Solberg of being a "cultural traitor" because she had visited a mosque.[3]

In 2006, she published a book[4] in which she claimed immigration from Muslim countries is destroying Norway and the west.

Laila Bokhari, Secretary of State in the Prime Minister's Office, has called Storhaug's anti-Muslim writings "dangerous." According to anti-racist activist Tor Bach, Storhaug promotes conspiracy theories resembling antisemitic conspiracy theories, where the only difference is that she targets Muslims instead of Jews. He describes Storhaug's "Human Rights Service" organisation as "an extremist organisation and a hate group which exclusively publishes negative material about Muslims."[5] The social anthropologist Sindre Bangstad describes Storhaug as a leading Islamophobic and far-right voice who engages in "harassment of Muslims" and who inspired Breivik.[6]

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