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Fjordman is the pseudonym of Peder Are Nøstvold Jensen (born 11 June 1975), a Norwegian Islamophobic blogger for Gates of Vienna and author of self-published anti-Muslim books. His screeds against Muslims are mainly based on Bat Ye'or's conspiracy theory about "Eurabia."[1] According to The Independent, Jensen "has written numerous screeds accusing Muslims of secretly planning to take over Europe."[2] He is also an ardent advocate of the "Eurabia" conspiracy theory, which he promoted in a self-published book titled Defeating Eurabia.

Fjordman is one of "Counterjihad's leading essayists."[3] He publicly revealed his name in 2011, after he had become known as the main ideological idol of Anders Behring Breivik. Breivik "refers to Fjordman as his favourite writer, and it is clear that Fjordman has contributed immensely to Breivik's reasoning."[4]

Fjordman has stated that "Islam and all those who practice it must be totally and physically removed from the Western world."[note 1][5]

In 2013, Simen Sætre published a critical biography of Fjordman with the major publisher Cappelen Damm, on how Jensen went from being a quiet boy from a provincial town to become the blogger Fjordman, "the favourite writer" of a mass murderer.[6]

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