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Jeanice Barcelo

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Jeanice Barcelo is a batshit crazy woman who never met a conspiracy theory she didn't like. Sadly, her entertainment value is limited by just how little original material she has.

Standard quack beliefs[edit]

  • She believes that circumcision, rather than simply being a bad idea, is Satanic.[1]
  • She believes pornography is Satanic.[2]
  • She believes the world is controlled by a Jewish conspiracy (she goes back and forth on whether all Jews are evil, or if some of them are victims of the conspiracy).[3]
  • She believes Jews are Satanic… or atheists or… look, they're something, but the fact that they were expelled from numerous countries for nearly two millennia is totally proof they're bad. Notably, she seems to be completely cool with Muslims.[4]
  • She believes that "birth trauma" in hospitals is used to brainwash children.[5][6]
  • She believes that brain death does not exist, and is a fiction used to harvest organs from living people.[7]
  • She believes the Sandy Hook massacre didn't happen.[8]
  • The Jews are using shows like Game of Thrones and Rome to create revisionist history (despite the former being pure fantasy), smear white people, and promote incest and homosexuality.[9]

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