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Jot was a 1960s and 1970s low-budget cartoon produced by the Southern Baptist Convention featuring really bad art apparently inspired by the trippy psychedelic stuff that was in vogue at the time, starring "Jot", the bouncing dot.[1] It was shown on Saturday morning TV to teach kids Bible stories and why they should obey their parents and never lie, cheat or cuss. You could write to Jot for finger puppets and prizes that would let you make your own "fun".

Seriously, the cartoon looks like it was designed in about 1966 by a psychologist totally steeped in existentialism and utterly convinced that the use of disturbing echoing-around-in-your-head kind of imagery could provide effective moral guidance. In other words, the closest thing the Southern Baptists will ever come to being countercultural, which isn't saying much.

Hello kids, let's all learn a new word. A-BOM-I-NA-TION. Can you say Abomination? Sure, I knew you could. Abomination means...[2]

Jot is still shown on the FamilyNet Television channel as a mascot.


  1. Bouncing dots appear all the time in the Bible!