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Journal of Individual Differences is a peer-reviewed science journal dedicated to all areas of individual differences (e.g. gender, personality and intelligence). While the journal is well respected in its field, it controversially has allowed Robert Plomin, a eugenicist who holds pseudoscientific views on race and intelligence to sit on its editorial board, and through his influence, the journal has published an article coauthored by the white nationalist eugenicist Emil Kirkegaard and anti-Semite John Fuerst.[1] Neither Kirkegaard nor Fuerst are scientists.

Editorial board[edit]

For full list see link.[2]


  • Martin Voracek, Austria

Associate editors

  • André Beauducel, Germany
  • Sam Gosling, USA
  • Jürgen Hennig, Germany
  • Philipp Y. Herzberg, Germany
  • Andrea Hildebrandt, Germany
  • Anja Leue, Germany


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  2. Journal of Individual Differences