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Emil Kirkegaard
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For the love of Goat, do not confuse him with philosopher Søren Kierkegaard.
... a secret conference on “intelligence”, featuring notorious speakers including in previous years white supremacists and a weird far-right paedophilia apologist called Emil.
—Stewart Lee, The Guardian
Meeting with an emblematic figure of the "fake science", the Danish Emil Kirkegaard, new darling of the extreme right...
—Judith Duportail, Le Temps

Emil Ole William Kirkegaard (online aliases: Deleet,[1] Deleetdk,[2] EmilOWK) is a Danish paedophilia apologist whose defence of child-rape was exposed by mainstream news sources in January 2018.[3][4][5][6] Kirkegaard is associated with the alt-right and has been described by Le TempsWikipedia's W.svg as a far-right extremist who publishes "fake science" about racialism and eugenics; he is quoted as trying to prove human races are innately unequal in IQ.[7]

From 2014–2017 Kirkegaard attended the London Conference on Intelligence at University College London (UCL) with white supremacists and neo-Nazis to deliver pseudoscientific lectures on controversial IQ-related subjects, including race and intelligence.[8][9][10][11] Because peer-reviewed science journals tend to reject his submissions, he co-founded the OpenPsych pseudojournals with Davide Piffer to publish his own pseudoscience. His self-published journals primarily attract racists and anti-Semites such as Kevin MacDonald and John Fuerst; the latter has co-written papers with Kirkegaard.

In 2018, Kirkegaard published a paper with white supremacist Richard Lynn.[12][13]


Kirkegaard was born in Denmark in 1989,[14] but is an immigrant to the US; ironically, he claims to oppose immigration.[15] Although describing himself as a "polymath", "scientist", "geneticist" and "psychologist",[16][17] his only qualification is a BA in Linguistics from Aarhus University. He's been a member of three technocratic Danish political parties: PiratpartietWikipedia's W.svg (Pirate Party) 2012–2014, Internetpartiet (Internet Party), 2015 and Technologipartiet (Technology Party) 2016–present; he co-founded the latter party and also describes it as a think-tank.[18]

On Facebook,[19] Kirkegaard says he is a research fellow at the Ulster Institute for Social Research. This institute founded by Richard Lynn has received grants from the far-right Pioneer FundWikipedia's W.svg and publishes the pseudo-scholarly racist journal Mankind Quarterly, described as white supremacist by SPLC.

According to investigate journalism by The Canary:Wikipedia's W.svg

Between 2002 and 2006, the UISR was bankrolled by the ‘extremist’ Pioneer Fund to the tune of $286,372. And in response to a query by The Canary, Lynn confirmed that the UISR was financed in this way. Lynn, who has been the president of the Pioneer Fund since 2012, told The Canary he could not provide precise figures.

But we can. Indeed, the fund’s support of the UISR began as far back as 1971, with grants totalling $609,000 up to 1996.

According to the SPLC: "the Pioneer Fund’s original mandate was to pursue ‘race betterment’ by promoting the genetic stock of those ‘deemed to be descended predominantly from white persons’.

It’s also claimed that the Pioneer Fund supported several well known white supremacists. These include David Duke (former Grand Wizard, Ku Klux Klan); Richard Spencer (agitator at the Charlottesville action that saw the tragic death of a civil rights protester); and Nick Griffin (former head of the British National Party).[20]

In August 2017, when questioned about his connections to white nationalists and neo-Nazis by RationalWiki editors, Kirkegaard refused to comment.[21]


Kirkegaard's political views are alt-right, but he tries to disguise his white nationalism, racism and anti-Semitism because he wants a scientific reputation. Although he denies he is a white nationalist or alt-right, he is known to sometimes slip-up; for example in one Tweet he classifies his own blog as alt-right, with websites like VDARE and The Right Stuff in response to a post by Anatoly Karlin.[22][23] Kirkegaard also uses alt-right glossary terms:

On Twitter, Kirkegaard spends most his time moaning about so-called SJWs and feminists; he praises Trump and uses alt-right memes.[32] He has also described a promotional video of the alt-right with swastikas as "nicely done".[33] Kirkegaard posts on the anti-Semitic website UNZ Review.[34]

Kirkegaard supports the anti-Semitic theories and literature of Kevin MacDonald[35] and has links to Holocaust deniers, including Peter Sweden.[36][37] MacDonald has been described by the Southern Poverty Law Center as the "neo-Nazi movement's favorite academic".[38]

On Einstein's racism

Let this Twitter conversation speak for itself.


Do you ever worry that overtly racist posts will undermine your credibility as a supposedly disinterested scientist?


There are basically no disinterested scientists. Everybody except extreme autists have an agenda. It is an unavoidable part of being human. The point of science is to reduce the agendas influence on scientific results by making the process resistant to them (and other errors).


As for using 'alt-right terminology', whatever man. These people have invented a lot of good terms for describing things going on. I'm not the type to avoid using words just because they were invented by the 'wrong people'.


I wasn't talking about terminology, for the record. I was referring to the fact that you were half-ironically praising Einstein for racist remarks.


White birth/fertility rates and sexism

[F]emale over-education is literally the killer of civilization due to the fertility trade-off. One cannot continue a civilization with sub-replacement fertility
Emil Kirkegaard

Like alt-righters such as Tara McCarthy, Michael Coombs and Wife with a Purpose, Kirkegaard wants to increase the birth and fertility rates of white people and is critical of feminists, anti-natalists and childfree movement activists.[40][41] He has also posted obscene sexist statements such as "Sexual access to women is the ultimate arbiter of male status."[42]

Support for white nationalism and far-right parties

—Emil Kirkegaard, white nationalist kook[43]

Kirkegaard supports far-right political parties, including the Sweden Democrats (who have their origins in Neo-Nazi and fascist groups, although they've moderated their stance into right-wing populism for PR purposes) who he says he thinks can "save" Sweden.[44] In June 2018, Kirkegaard tweeted his support for the Lega Nord and Five Star Movement coalition in Italy, highlighting their combined "anti-immigration" (to illegal immigrants crossing the Mediterranean) and "traditional family" policies from an article.[45] The coalition government has a Lega Nord family minister, Lorenzo Fontana, who opposes abortion and LGBT rights and this is what Kirkegaard approves of as "traditional family". Kirkegaard who was born in Denmark, is an immigrant to the US; his opposition to immigration is therefore selective and race based. Kirkegaaard is a white nationalist who refuses to accept non-white ethnic minorities as English, sparking outrage on Twitter when he posted black people born in England cannot be English.[46] His racist tweets were retweeted by Racism watchdog.[47]


Nonsurprisingly for a far-right racist, Kirkegaard is supporter of eugenics, writing without eugenics, "Western civilization dies".[48]

DysgenicsWikipedia's W.svg is real. Eugenics or Western civilization dies. Choose wisely.

Hollywood Jews

When one protected group hates another. Time to battle over who's the bigger victim!


Well, in the metoo vs. Hollywood Jews, looks like metoo won.


When ratwiki[sic] can't figure out whether something counts as anti-Semitic[sic] or not. Everybody knows that Jews are highly over-represented in creative wordy stuff. Hollywood Jews is an obvious term for those in that particular area.


While the phrase Hollywood Jew maybe[sic] accurate, it does seem to be generally used in a nefarious manner.


Nice try. But people use that term not just to highlight Jewish creativity in cinema, but mainly to denounce Jewish influence in popular culture as being agenda-driven, self-interested, and anti-Christian.



Kirkegaard retweeted an anti-feminist Tweet on his Twitter:[51]

"Mansplaining" is a toxic concept. As a software engineer I learned so much from enthusiastic colleagues just riffing on stuff. Intelligent engineers are always eager to learn. Now male engineers hesitate when they see female colleagues struggling. Thanks Feminism. @CHSommers


Paedophilia controversies

Child rape

Emil Kirkegaard, who has written supportively of paedophiles being allowed to have ‘sex with a sleeping child’.
—Sophia Siddiqui, Institute of Race Relations
As well as his involvement in neo-Nazi politics, Kirkegaard has written posts that justify the rape of children.
—Journalist David Barnes[52]

Kirkegaard has been described in mainstream[53][54] and other news sources[55][56][57][58][59] as a child-rape apologist and defender of paedophilia. This comes from a 2012 blog post in which he makes a sickening compromise for paedophiles — to rape children while they sleep:[60]

Perhaps a compromise is having sex with a sleeping child without them knowing it (so, using sleeping medicine). If they dont[sic] notice it is difficult to see how they cud[sic] be harmed, even if it is rape.

In the same blog post, Kirkegaard defends paedophilia, by writing:

One can have sex with some rather young ones (say, any consenting child in puberty) without any moral problems.

Children in puberty are as young as 11–12 years-old; in other words Kirkegaard literally supports adults having sex with children, who while not pre-pubescent are still under the age of consent.

In response to newspapers (e.g. The Guardian[61]) quoting his post and describing him as paedophilia apologist, Kirkegaard updated it in January 2018, claiming his post was only a "thought experiment"; however, this was never mentioned originally and looks like damage control to his reputation.[62]

In August 2017, when questioned about his compromise for paedophiles to rape sleeping children, Kirkegaard defended his original statement and said he thinks there will be no mental harm:[63]

My remark was simply that if you have sex with someone [children] while they are asleep and somehow don’t wake up from it and they never discover it later somehow, it is not likely for there to be any causal effects on mental health. How would there be?

Animated child porn

Kirkegaard disturbingly supports possession of animated (cartoon) child pornography,Wikipedia's W.svg that is illegal in most countries. In 2010, he wrote a blog post defending animated child porn and criticized Sweden and Norway for having laws against it.[64]

Other controversies


Kirkegaard describes himself as a "major proponent of drug legalization".[65] He has written that "all drugs should be legalized, regularized and taxed. The more harmful ones (e.g. cocain[sic]) will only be sold to older persons and at special outlets."[66] The Internetpartiet he was a member of, aimed to legalize cannabis, doping and all illegal drugs.[67]

OkCupid doxing

In 2016, Kirkegaard published the data of nearly 70,000 OkCupid users, as a study in one of his own pseudojournals.[68][69] Although Kirkegaard claims he was publishing already public information, this is disputed by others who argue the information was "semi-private":

Moreover, it remains unclear whether the OkCupid profiles scraped by Kirkegaard’s team really were publicly accessible. Their paper reveals that initially they designed a bot to scrape profile data, but that this first method was dropped because it was “a decidedly non-random approach to find users to scrape because it selected users that were suggested to the profile the bot was using.” This implies that the researchers created an OkCupid profile from which to access the data and run the scraping bot. Since OkCupid users have the option to restrict the visibility of their profiles to logged-in users only, it is likely the researchers collected—and subsequently released—profiles that were intended to not be publicly viewable. The final methodology used to access the data is not fully explained in the article, and the question of whether the researchers respected the privacy intentions of 70,000 people who used OkCupid remains unanswered.[70]

Piratpartiet and "Nazi sympathiser"

In 2012-2013 there was a campaign by Danish Antifascist Action to expel Kirkegaard from the PiratpartietWikipedia's W.svg (Pirate Party) after they discovered he had tried to forge political ties to the far-right Danish People's Party, had made racist and anti-immigration posts on the Piratpartiet forum and took a photo of himself next to his friend performing a Nazi-salute, while writing an insensitive comment about being the Führer. An article appeared on the Project Antifa website describing Kirkegaard as a "Nazi Sympathiser":

Emil Kirkegaard, has access to questions about racism and nazism, as you may only find, yes, Nazi groups. At the Pirate Party's forum he writes "If one's immigration consists primarily of low intelligent people, then it will be very, very expensive for the country. And that's exactly what we see in the western countries now." Both Emil Kirkegaard and several other party activists defend cooperation with the Danish [People's] Party. At the same time, Emil Kirkegaard's Facebook can see a photo where an unknown person is in the background, while Emil Kirkegaard is smiling at the camera. Emil Kirkegaard's comment reads: "The Führer is being hailed/saluted".[71]

Emil Kirkegaard with Nazi saluting friend; Kirkegaard wrote on Facebook he is the Führer.

Defence of Southern and Pettibone

Kirkegaard has defended far-right political activists Lauren Southern and Brittany Pettibone who in March 2018 were banned from entering UK:

UK priorities: detain and ban 2 internet journalist girls, while ignoring massive rape ring of their own daughters by immigrants. I guess their priorities are quite consistent: Fuck White Women.
Emil Kirkegaard


It has been noted that Kirkegaard is "popular with the neo-Nazi forum Stormfront".[72] A 2017 Stormfront thread that quotes Kirkegaard's comments about eugenics describes him as "racially awakened".[73] However, another thread while praising Kirkegaard's support for white nationalism, criticizes his "pro-paedophilia".[74]

Race, IQ and eugenics

See the main article on this topic: Racialism

Kirkegaard identifies as a "race realist"[75] and is proponent of HBD (human-biodiversity),[76][77] similar to Hbdchick and Steve Sailer. Against the scientific consensus race is not an accurate way to describe or analyse human biological variation, Kirkegaard erroneously argues human races are valid biological constructs (as genetic clusters):[78]

I think one can just read the various existing defenses of race realism if one is curious. The page you link to is well-sourced but an exercise in semantics and irrelevance. E.g. section Genetic evidence: Race does not predict human variation well presents results irrelevant to the title, it is well accepted that most variation is within the major racial groups. It does not follow from this that the between group variation is unimportant. Indeed, even very small differences can make a large difference, as people with mutations in e.g. SRY can report. It does not matter so much to me whether these groups are called races, genetic clusters, biogeographical ancestry or whatever (the most common euphemism in medical genetics).

Kirkegaard, a supporter of hereditarianismWikipedia's W.svg[79] argues human populations are innately unequal in intelligence; he is quoted in a Le Temps article as saying: "inequalities between humans... I do not think they depend solely on their environment or their education".[80] On his blog, Kirkegaard recommends outdated racialist literature such as John Baker's Race (1974) and in 2015 positively reviewed the far-right Metapedia article on race and intelligence.[81][82]

Kirkegaard alleges a left-wing bias in academia that downplays the heritability of race and IQ.[83]

In 2017, Kirkegaard appeared on white supremacist Tara McCarthy's YouTube channel for a discussion named "IQ And The Future Of Eugenics".[84]


See the main article on this topic: OpenPsych pseudojournals

Despite Kirkegaard's insistence otherwise,[85][86][87] OpenPsych and its journals are pseudojournals: they do not use traditional peer review and are filled with Kirkegaard's publications. For example the OpenPsych journals show typical signs of a pseudojournal: high percentage of content written by one of the journal's creator, Kirkegaard himself. As of 13 January 2018:

  • Kirkegaard wrote for 18 out of the 32 papers in Open Differential Psychology[88]
  • Kirkegaard wrote for 1 out of the 7 papers in Open Behavioral Genetics[89]
  • Kirkegaard wrote for 8 out of the 11 papers in Open Quantitative Sociology & Political Science[90]

Kirkegaard was an author for 27 of 50 total papers, or 54%.

According to Kirkegaard, his journals do have peer review:[86]

OpenPsych journals do have peer review. In fact, they have open peer review meaning that literally anyone can see the review of any paper. For instance, look in the post-publication forum for the reviews of all published papers. I think this is a much better and certainly more transparent review than journals ordinarily practice. My status as editor has little impact on this system, since editors do not have rejection powers in these journals. Nor can they select reviewers at whim. Rather all in-house reviewers can review any paper they desire. The role of the editor is mainly to smooth things by asking reviewers whether they have time to review this or that submission.

However, this is an argument by assertion. The aforementioned process falls under the umbrella of open peer review.Wikipedia's W.svg


For more information, see: Stopped clock

Kirkegaard had the sense to ban Mikemikev from his forum OpenPsych for anti-Semitism.[91] However, if Kirkegaard was really against hating Jews, he wouldn't be re-tweeting neo-Nazis and Holocaust deniers,[92] nor be pictured smiling next to a Nazi saluting friend...

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