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Emil Kirkegaard
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Emil Ole William Kirkegaard (online aliases: Deleet,[1] Deleetdk,[2] EmilOWK) is a Danish far-right eugenicist and white supremacist.[3][4][5][6][7][8]

Aside from his controversial writings on eugenics and race, Kirkegaard has been involved in other controversies such as releasing semi-private data of 70,000 OKCupid users without permission, including their personal sexual preferences,[9] widely considered "without a doubt one of the most grossly unprofessional, unethical and reprehensible data releases".[10] His writings on race and intelligence[11] have caused controversy and because peer-reviewed journals refuse to publish his work, he set up the OpenPsych pseudojournals.[12] However, after this journal was discredited he now publishes pseudo-scientific race articles in the open-access Psych journal.[13][14]

Since 2014 Kirkegaard has attended the London Conference on Intelligence at University College London (UCL) with far-right individuals to deliver pseudoscientific lectures on controversial IQ-related subjects, including eugenics, hereditarianism and race.[15][16][17][18]

Kirkegaard denies and attacks anyone who points out he is alt-right and/or a white nationalist since he knows those things discredit his writings on race and intelligence; he self-describes himself alt-center, a term similarly adopted by Anatoly Karlin, Bo Winegard and several other crypto-fascist bloggers. The Southern Poverty Law Center monitors Emil Kirkegaard as part of their online hate watch.[19]

As well as running Openpsych, Kirkegaard is the current domain owner of Mankind Quarterly, a racist pseudojournal rejected by mainstream science.[20][21][22]


Kirkegaard was born in Denmark in 1989,[23] but in 2018 moved to the US. A pseudointellectual, he has described himself as a "polymath", "scientist", "geneticist", "philosopher" and "psychologist",[24][25] when he isn't any of these things and his only qualification is a BA in Linguistics from Aarhus University. In 2019, Kirkegaard moved back to Denmark.[26]

He's been a member of three Danish political parties: PiratpartietWikipedia's W.svg (Pirate Party) 2012–2014, Internetpartiet (Internet Party), 2015 and Technologipartiet (Technology Party) 2016–present; he co-founded the latter and describes it as a think-tank.[27] In 2014 he co-founded OpenPsych with Davide Piffer.


Eugenics and fertility rates

Kirkegaard is a self-described eugenicist who claims "Western civilisation" (a euphemism for white people) will die out unless there are eugenics breeding programmes:

DysgenicsWikipedia's W.svg is real. Eugenics or Western civilization dies. Choose wisely.[28]

Like most white nationalists he's obsessed with increasing birth/fertility rates in Europe:[29]

Western governments should be experimenting with ways to boost fertility, especially if it can be done without decreasing female productivity too much.
Aging pyramid of Germany shows that Germany needs... more children by increasing fertility of German women.


In a nutshell:

Have you ever written about how you think governments should deal with refugees from low iq countries?
...not let them in.

Kirkegaard holds many controversial or batshit-crazy political views:[34] and his blog, e.g.:[35][36]

  • Restrict immigration so it is "tightly controlled".
  • Repatriation for immigrants to their country of origin who "strongly under-perform" (by his own arbitrary criteria).
  • Abolish international foreign aid.
  • Decommission the Ministry of Gender Equality in Denmark.
  • Abolish hate speech and gender/race equality laws.
  • Legalise all drugs; Kirkegaard describes himself as a "major proponent of drug legalization",[37] arguing even "cocain[sic] should be sold".[38]
  • Release all criminals imprisoned for drug offences.
  • Remove state subsidies for Anti Doping Denmark.
  • Legalise prostitution and brothels.
  • Oppose organic food.
  • Oppose positive discrimination and affirmative action.
  • Oppose multiculturalism to avoid "parallel societies".

Despite many of these views are right-wing to far-right and some clearly authoritarian (e.g. he seems to not believe in personal freedoms for immigrants and is against gender equality), Kirkegaard has delusions he's an anti-authoritarian and anti-fascist, who somehow is a centrist.[39][40]

The Technologipartiet is anti-green, for example it promotes nuclear power, "including experiments with thorium-based versions and fusion when the time comes" and wants to avoid "wasting money on expensive renewable energy". A few of its oddest policies is "total abolition of patents" and state aid for embryo selection or "eugenics biotechnology".

On his blog, Kirkegaard controversially says he thinks all immigrants should be required to take "cognitive ability tests" and only high-IQ individuals should be granted access into Denmark who speak the native language.[41] Since he argues non-whites (excluding East-Asians) on average score low in IQ tests, this equates to his immigration policy being more or less white nationalist and on his Twitter he has made more openly extreme statements, for example claiming he wants to ban Islamic immigration because he considers Muslims "self-destructive"[42] and that he supports the anti-Muslim immigration policies of the right-wing populist Sweden Democrats to "save Sweden".[43]

Although Kirkegaard describes himself as alt-center,[44] his political views align with the alt-right and he has been described as a "figure on the radical right fringe".[45] Kirkegaard has tried to make the Technologipartiet seem "radical centrist" and himself politically "heterodox", but most of Technologipartiet's policies are common views shared by the alt-right and far-right in general, e.g. abolishing all hate speech and equality laws, restricting immigration (especially Muslim), opposition to foreign aid and multiculturalism; support for eugenics.

Kirkegaard claims with flimsy evidence that right-wing people are more moral:

Generally speaking, right-wingers are more moral people. True both for trivial stuff like swearing, but also cheating rates in relationships etc.


Further evidence he is alt-right, include:

Kirkegaard uploaded this alt-right graphic of Pepe the Frog to Twitter; notice it contains the word "niggers" on the left side.

Kirkegaard is listed as a member of the "All Right Social Network", that also includes white supremacists such as Richard Spencer, Brittany Pettibone, Patrick Little and Angelo John Gage.[74]

Nazi sympathies

In 2013 there was a campaign by Danish Projekt Antifa to expel Kirkegaard from the PiratpartietWikipedia's W.svg (Pirate Party) after they discovered he had ranted about "low IQ immigrants" on the Piratpartiet internet forum. Furthermore, on his Facebook profile, Kirkegaard posted a photo of himself next to someone performing a Nazi-salute, while smiling, and writing an insensitive comment about being the Führer. Antifa also found evidence that Kirkegaard had tried to defend cooperation of the Piratpartiet with the neo-Nazi Party of the DanesWikipedia's W.svg, founded by Daniel Carlsen; an article appeared on the Project Antifa website describing Kirkegaard as a "Nazi Sympathiser" and attempted to expel him from the Piratpartiet:

Emil Kirkegaard's approach to issues about racism and nazism, you may find only in neo-Nazi groups. At the Pirate Party's forum he writes "If one's immigration consists primarily of low intelligent people, then it will be very, very expensive for the country. And that's exactly what we see in the western countries now." Both Emil Kirkegaard and several other party activists defend cooperation with the Party of the Danes. At the same time, Emil Kirkegaard's Facebook can see a photo where an unknown person is in the background, while Emil Kirkegaard is smiling at the camera. Emil Kirkegaard's comment reads: "The Führer is being hailed/saluted". (English translation of Danish) [75]

Emil Kirkegaard with Nazi saluting friend; Kirkegaard wrote on Facebook he is the Führer.
Emil Kirkegaard supports the fascist All-Polish YouthWikipedia's W.svg then complains if someone points out his political views are far-right.

In response to the Projekt Antifa article, Kirkegaard has claimed the photo of the Nazi salute was a joke.Do You Believe That?

In April 2019, Kirkegaard published a blog article on his website "On Nazism and Jews" claiming he is an anti-authoritarian and "not very supportive of Nazism, and fairly pro-Jewish as far as HBDers go."[76] However his claim to be an anti-authoritarian is contradicted by his opposition to civil liberties of immigrants, especially if they're Muslim, while his claim of not supporting Nazism or fascism, is contradicted by his support for far-right political groups, including the fascist All-Polish YouthWikipedia's W.svg. While the All Polish Youth attempt to cosmetically distance themselves from Nazism by anti-swastika banners, the group is anti-Semitic and ultra-nationalist.

Kirkegaard also claims, he has "often been critical on Hitler and Nazis publicly". However these anti-Nazi comments that have all suddenly appeared were only made in response to this RationalWiki article that was made in 2016 and don't predate this page.[77] Like almost everything Kirkegaard says, his claims are bullshit.

Child porn

In 2012, Kirkegaard wrote a controversial blog post titled "the ban on child porn possession".[78][79]

Falkvinge recently ran an article about the legalization of child porn possession. Either very foolish or very brave, perhaps both. Surely some reporters will pick up on this sooner or later and run headlines like “Pirates want to legalize child porn”, which even if true will damage the media image of the Pirate Parties. However, there is no way around this if one wants to discuss censorship and freedom of information. There is a reason why online censorship started with child porn, and ofc, the copyright people are happy about it.

I suggest that people read the comments as well, i also made some comments there as well.

Consider also reading this article which is making the basic point: if sexual orientation is something one is born with (it is), then the preference for children is as well. So, no law can make people become not pedofiles. Sad situation. Now comes the saddest part: Suppose one is born a pedofile. What to do? If one is a moral being, then one will avoid actually raping children. One can have sex with some rather young ones (say, any consenting child in puberty) without any moral problems, especially when one is young oneself.

For the rest, one is left to masturbate to porn, perhaps child porn (animated or not), and regular porn. That sucks, and there is nothing to do about it. Perhaps a compromise is having sex with a sleeping child without them knowing it (so, using sleeping medicine). If they dont notice it is difficult to see how they cud be harmed, even if it is rape. One must distinguish between rape becus the other was disconsenting (wanting to not have sex), and rape becus the other is not consenting, but not disconseting either (so, unaware of the action becus of sleep or coma or something like that). There is also the possibility of bodily harm that will be there after the person wakes up. This is especially the case with small children since their bodily openings are not large enuf for a regular sized male penis. To avoid this one shud not penetrate.

Oh, and perhaps the best solution to one who is exclusively aroused by very young children: castration, either medical or fysical. This will help reduce libido.[78]

In another blog post, Kirkegaard defended the legalization of animated-child pornography.[80] In 2018, Kirkegaard was widley criticized in British newspapers and by many other notable people for making these blog posts.[81][82][83][84][85][86][87][88][89][90][91][92][93][94]


In 2008, Kirkegaard wrote a blog post entitled "Why is incest prohibited?", arguing that incest should be legalised.[95] (translated from Danish):

In my fight against the Danish sexual morality, the time has come for incest. Incest has traditionally been banned almost universally, except for ancient Egypt. 1

In the case of law, everything that is not illegal is legal, because therefore one cannot make an argument from ignorance. I can therefore just ask, why is incest prohibited? And if no good reason can be given, then incest should be legalized. Now, some readers may think that I want to make pedophilia legal, but this is a misconception. I just don't think there's good reason why incest between two people should be banned. There are misunderstandings when I am therefore accused of legalizing rape, pedophilia etc.

The historical reason why many religions prohibit incest is probably that there was no birth control at that time (maybe you didn't even know that you could withdraw in time, ie it was the sperm that makes the outcome). It had been observed that when two people who were in a relationship with each other had children, then they had difficult children and therefore it was quite impractical for society.

We do not have these problems nowadays, but we also have an increased focus on freedom. Therefore, I ask - why is incest prohibited?

I did a little survey and it indicates that it is the so-called yuck factor that is at stake again. An unfounded feeling that something is just wrong. Of course, such a reason is not good enough for people who do not have this feeling not to take this action - otherwise we should ban many of our goods; pornography, free-thinking, dog-eating, etc.

In November 2009,[96] Kirkegaard mentioned again his defence of incest:

However, incest does no harm nowadays and should therefore not be illegal. This I have written about before.

In 2016, Kirkegaard posted on Twitter that incest "for non-reproduction" should be included as an example of "utilitarians getting things right before society as a whole." [97].

OkCupid doxxing

In 2016, Kirkegaard published the data of nearly 70,000 OkCupid users, as a study in one of his own pseudojournals.[98][99]

Kirkegaard claims he was publishing already public information, but this is disputed by others who argue the information was "semi-private":

Moreover, it remains unclear whether the OkCupid profiles scraped by Kirkegaard’s team really were publicly accessible. Their paper reveals that initially they designed a bot to scrape profile data, but that this first method was dropped because it was “a decidedly non-random approach to find users to scrape because it selected users that were suggested to the profile the bot was using.” This implies that the researchers created an OkCupid profile from which to access the data and run the scraping bot. Since OkCupid users have the option to restrict the visibility of their profiles to logged-in users only, it is likely the researchers collected—and subsequently released—profiles that were intended to not be publicly viewable. The final methodology used to access the data is not fully explained in the article, and the question of whether the researchers respected the privacy intentions of 70,000 people who used OkCupid remains unanswered.[100]


Kirkegaard openly identifies as a sexist:

Sexism is true. Stop thinking in isms. Think in numbers.
Sexual access to women is the ultimate arbiter of male status.

Islamophobia and racism

He has made a number of Islamophobic comments, such as "Muslims are terrible immigrants to get", [103] Muslim immigration is "self-destruction"[104], "Mohammad was a paedophile" and [105][106] "the more Muslims in a country, the more extreme they become"[107] while using the #swedistan hashtag on Twitter.[108] We've also compiled his racist tweets below.

$200 bounty

In response to the firing of Bo Winegard from his job, Kirkegaard posted he would pay a $200 "bounty" to anyone who can identify a pseudonymous Twitter user called AfroSapiens (an anti-racist activist) who allegedly sent emails to Winegard's university informing them about his racist tweets.[121] Kirkegaard claims legal action should be taken against this person.Do You Believe That?


If you are referring to Emil Kirkegaard - He is not a scientist!
—Aarhus University[122]

Race and intelligence

See the main article on this topic: race and intelligence
Users who fall into this category include racialist academics and members of the human biodiversity, or HBD, blogging community. Often these are single-purpose accounts that exclusively edit on topics like race and intelligence, racial classification and bios of related researchers, like Linda Gottfredson or Helmuth Nyborg. Some have direct ties with racist journals or organizations, like Mankind Quarterly editor Gerhard Meisenberg. Emil Kirkegaard, who edits frequently under the username Deleet, is a research fellow at Richard Lynn’s Ulster Institute for Social research and the co-founder of the online pseudojournal OpenPsych.
Southern Poverty Law Center[123]
...his approach is the opposite of a scientific approach: he twists the numbers in all directions until he reaches a result that confirms his bias, namely that Muslim migrants are genetically less intelligent and commit more crimes
Le temps, discussing Kirkegaard's pseudoscience

Kirkegaard identifies as a proponent of HBD,[124] i.e. racialism and has described himself as a "race realist",[125] a term coined by J. Philippe RushtonWikipedia's W.svg that is adopted by white nationalists like David Duke. His website contains posts on race and eugenics.[126][127][128] Against the scientific consensus that race is not an accurate way to describe or analyse human biological variation, Kirkegaard erroneously argues human races are valid biological constructs (as "genetic clusters") and makes PRATTs such as quoting Lewontin's Fallacy:

I think one can just read the various existing defenses of race realism if one is curious. The page you link to is well-sourced but an exercise in semantics and irrelevance. E.g. section Genetic evidence: Race does not predict human variation well presents results irrelevant to the title, it is well accepted that most variation is within the major racial groups. It does not follow from this that the between group variation is unimportant. Indeed, even very small differences can make a large difference, as people with mutations in e.g. SRY can report. It does not matter so much to me whether these groups are called races, genetic clusters, biogeographical ancestry or whatever (the most common euphemism in medical genetics).[129]

Kirkegaard doesn't just argue for human races, but maintains there is a racial hierarchy with different "tiers" of races based on average intelligence, for example he considers Indians to be a "lower tier".[130] He argues mean group differences in intelligence is mostly the result of genetic factors, for example writing "The hereditarian hypothesis is almost certainly true.[131] In fact, he has gone as far as arguing "100% genetic for the USA black white gap".[132] Nonsurprisingly, no peer-reviewed science journals would publish this pseudoscience and so Kirkegaard was left submitting a paper to the Mankind Quarterly.[133] On his website, Kirkegaard recommends outdated racialist literature such as John Baker's Race (1974) and in 2015 positively reviewed the far-right Metapedia article on race and intelligence.[134][135] He alleges a left-wing bias in academia that downplays heritability of race and IQ.[136]

Kirkegaard is permanently blocked from editing Wikipedia,[137] having misused the wiki to spread his racist nonsense. He has since whined about Wikipedia deleting his pseudoscientific writings on race.[138]

London Conference on Intelligence

See the main article on this topic: London Conference on Intelligence

Another major organiser of the LCI is Emil Kirkegaard, who has attended all four conferences and even designed the website. Although he refers to himself as a “polymath” and Thompson describes him as a "very bright young guy", Kirkegaard is not an academic. His highest qualification is a Bachelor’s in linguistics. Having dropped out of his Masters degree, instead preferring to be "self-taught in various subjects", Kirkegaard now runs OpenPsych, a platform for non-peer reviewed psychology papers, along with Davide Piffer of Mankind Quarterly. Piffer is a fellow LCI-speaker, and was praised by Richard Lynn as having done "brilliant work identifying the genes responsible for race differences in intelligence."

Authors on OpenPsych include Kevin MacDonald, described by the Southern Poverty Law Centre as “the neo-Nazi movement’s favourite academic”, who praised Anders Breivik as a “serious political thinker with a great many insights and some good practical ideas on strategy.” John Fuerst, a fellow of the UISR, spoke at LCI 2015 and 2016, and frequently collaborates with Kirkegaard on OpenPsych. As well as writing various blogs, which he describes as “race realist”, , he also frequently posts anti-Semitic conspiracy theories on Facebook. When questioned about his popularity on the neo-Nazi forum Stormfront, he stated that he had “no beef against… neo-Nazis."

Kirkegaard’s own personal blog is home to topics such as "Is miscegenation bad for your kids?" and how one could empirically verify a Jewish conspiracy. His Facebook features alt-right promotional videos and once featured a friend’s Nazi salute with the caption "There will be an heir to the Führer."

By far the most disturbing of part of Kirkegaard’s internet presence, however, is a blog-post in which he justifies child rape. He states that a ‘compromise’ with paedophiles could be: “having sex with a sleeping child without them knowing it (so, using sleeping medicine. If they dont notice it is difficult to see how they cud be harmed, even if it is rape. One must distinguish between rape becus the other was disconsenting (wanting to not have sex), and rape becus the other is not consenting, but not disconsenting either.” He qualifies this with a note that “bodily harm” would undermine this justification, and especially “with small children since their bodily openings are not large enuf [sic] for a regular sized male penis. To avoid this one shud [sic] not penetrate.”

Kirkegaard’s reputation as a scientific advocate for neo-Nazism was increased last April [2017] when he appeared on Tara McCarthy’s ‘Reality Calls’ to discuss “the future of eugenics.” McCarthy was banned from YouTube for alleging a Jewish conspiracy to commit “white genocide”, supports deporting naturalized citizens and “killing them if they resist”, and said that she hopes “zero” migrants crossing the Mediterranean “make it alive”.[139]

Ulster Institute for Social Research

On Facebook,[140] Kirkegaard says he is a research fellow at the Ulster Institute for Social Research. This institute founded by Richard Lynn has received grants from the far-right Pioneer FundWikipedia's W.svg and publishes the racist pseudoscience journal Mankind Quarterly, described as white supremacist by SPLC.[note 2]

Arthur Robert Jensen memorial site

Kirkegaard is the owner of the Arthur Robert Jensen memorial site dedicated to the white nationalist Arthur Jensen.[141] Kirkegaard tries to portray Jensen as an "objective scientist" who fought against political bias and censorship, when in reality Jensen was politically biased and far-right for example sitting on the Editorial Board of a neo-Nazi journal and was interviewed by Jared Taylor in 1992. Jensen remains most infamous for his controversial writings on race and intelligence and Kirkegaard has described him as his main influence.


See the main article on this topic: OpenPsych pseudojournals

OpenPsych is a pseudoscience factory-farm, and Noah Carl is its prize hen. He is its second most prolific contributor, a member of the review team and its only Russell Group academic. Half of Carl’s OpenPsych reviews have come from just two people, one of whom, Emil Kirkegaard, has no educational qualifications beyond a Bachelor’s degree in linguistics, according to his own LinkedIn page. Kirkegaard also happens to be the founder of OpenPsych.

Kirkegaard is a maverick when it comes to scientific ethics. In 2016, he and Julius Bjerrekær (OpenPsych’s third most prolific author, behind Kirkegaard and Carl) were responsible for what one social scientist described as “without a doubt one of the most grossly unprofessional, unethical and reprehensible data releases I have ever seen.” The two had leaked the private data of 70,000 OKCupid users, including their personal sexual preferences.[142]

Many of Carl’s articles have been published on the OpenPsych website set up by Kirkegaard to circumvent the peer review system. Its editors and referees are almost all associated with the far-right and often do not even have qualifications in the fields they are responsible for overseeing. Over half of the articles on the site are authored or co-authored by Kirkegaard.

The co-founder of OpenPsych is Davide Piffer—another pseudo-scientific researcher who once claimed to have psychic powers—who is based at the Ulster Institute for Social Research (UISR), established by Richard Lynn. UISR is backed by Lynn’s Pioneer Fund and publishes the equally irreputable Mankind Quarterly, which regularly prints Kirkegaard’s writings. What we have here is a network of right-wing ideologues, who set up what have rightly been called “pseudo journals” through which they publish and “review” one another’s tracts.[143]

Despite Kirkegaard's insistence otherwise,[144][145][146] OpenPsych and its journals are pseudojournals: they do not use traditional peer review and are filled with Kirkegaard's publications. For example OpenPsych show typical signs of a pseudojournal: high percentage of content written by one of the journal's creator, Kirkegaard himself.

As of 13 January 2018:

  • Kirkegaard wrote for 18 out of the 32 papers in Open Differential Psychology[147]
  • Kirkegaard wrote for 1 out of the 7 papers in Open Behavioral Genetics[148]
  • Kirkegaard wrote for 8 out of the 11 papers in Open Quantitative Sociology & Political Science[149]

Kirkegaard was an author for 27 of 50 total papers, or 54%.

According to Kirkegaard, his journals do have peer review:[145]

OpenPsych journals do have peer review. In fact, they have open peer review meaning that literally anyone can see the review of any paper. For instance, look in the post-publication forum for the reviews of all published papers. I think this is a much better and certainly more transparent review than journals ordinarily practice. My status as editor has little impact on this system, since editors do not have rejection powers in these journals. Nor can they select reviewers at whim. Rather all in-house reviewers can review any paper they desire. The role of the editor is mainly to smooth things by asking reviewers whether they have time to review this or that submission.

However, this is an argument by assertion. The aforementioned process falls under the umbrella of open peer review.Wikipedia's W.svg

Mankind Quarterly

Kirkegaard is the domain owner and webmaster of the controversial racist journal Mankind Quarterly. In recent years, the journal has tried to repackage itself as doing "normal science" on race.[150] But this is bullshit and nobody is fooled because the journal continues to publish racist woo from Edward Dutton (its editor), John Fuerst, Richard Lynn and Gerhard Meisenberg.


Kirkegaard has been criticized for inflating his h-index and other citation metrics by heavily citing his own papers. For example, as of February 2019, all 38 citations to his most cited paper were self-citations (i.e. papers authored or co-authored by Kirkegaard himself).[151] Of the 404 Google Scholar citations (as of February 12, 2019) to his papers, 316 of them (78%!) were self-citations. Many of the exceptions are citations to the OkCupid paper he co-authored in 2016, and the citations are typically talking about controversial issues in data science (using the privacy-violating paper as an example).[152]


For more information, see: Stopped clock

While Kirkegaard supports racialist pseudoscience, he nevertheless is against most other pseudosciences, including creationism and climate change denial, writing: "I spent several years debating creationists online (and religious people in general), and now a days occasionally debate climate science deniers."[153] He has done some decent research on how atheism correlates with intelligence and education.[154]

Kirkegaard is also to be thanked for uploading Martin Gardner's book Fads and Fallacies in the Name of Science online in its entirety[155] (though ironically among the things Gardner criticized were racist claims of his time).

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  1. While he claims his support for eugenics "has nothing to do with any racial matters" this is contradicted by comments he has made elsewhere e.g. "DysgenicsWikipedia's W.svg is real. Eugenics or Western civilization dies. Choose wisely" (see here)
  2. According to an article published by The CanaryWikipedia's W.svg: "Between 2002 and 2006, the UISR was bankrolled by the ‘extremist’ Pioneer Fund to the tune of $286,372. And in response to a query by The Canary, Lynn confirmed that the UISR was financed in this way. Lynn, who has been the president of the Pioneer Fund since 2012, told The Canary he could not provide precise figures. But we can. Indeed, the fund’s support of the UISR began as far back as 1971, with grants totalling $609,000 up to 1996. According to the SPLC: "the Pioneer Fund’s original mandate was to pursue ‘race betterment’ by promoting the genetic stock of those ‘deemed to be descended predominantly from white persons’. It’s also claimed that the Pioneer Fund supported several well known white supremacists. These include David Duke (former Grand Wizard, Ku Klux Klan); Richard Spencer (agitator at the Charlottesville action that saw the tragic death of a civil rights protester); and Nick Griffin (former head of the British National Party)."


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