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Gates of Vienna is an Islamophobic blog originally begun on Blogspot in January 2003. It is run from Virginia by Edward (Ned) May, but often hosts European proponents of the Eurabia conspiracy theory, including Fjordman from Norway, the ideological inspiration for the far-right terrorist Anders Behring Breivik.[1] Other European contributors include "El Inglés", and "Seneca III" who seem to live in Spain. The blog played a major role in introducing the Eurabia theory to a US far-right public. It moved to self-hosting in January 2013 after being taken down twice by Blogger due to its extreme and racist content.

The title is a reference to the Ottoman siege of Vienna[2] which was lifted by an alliance of European Christian states. Opponents of Islam consider it a defining moment for the identity of Europe and the West, although, in fact, western European powers disdained to assist the Austrians, leaving the forces of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth to do most of the heavy lifting.[notes 1]

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  1. The Sun King, France's Louis XIV, was too busy snatching up the Holy Roman Imperial province of Alsace (yes, the same that was snatched from France in 1871 and regained by France in 1918). The rest of the European powers were too distant to provide assistance to what was a completely unexpected Ottoman attack; as the siege lasted for only two months, a lightning campaign by the standards of the day, few but the French would have been able to join the fray in time.