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Jeff Rense is an American conspiracy theorist and alternative medicine woo-peddler who resembles something close to an aging hybrid of John Stossel and Michael Bolton. He is the proprietor of the website and has his own show on satellite radio. His style is a marked contrast from Alex Jones, defined less by ranting and raving and more by a smooth, laid-back, "velvet-voiced" manner of speaking that wouldn't be out of place on NPR (albeit with some obvious differences in subject matter).[1] Topics covered include the New World Order, 9/11 conspiracy theories, UFOs, Holocaust denial, goldbuggery, Jewish conspiracy theories, Big Pharma conspiracies, AIDS denial (Rense's single book is entitled AIDS Exposed), and much more. The crank factor of Rense's show and site (which includes plenty of green ink) rates fairly close to

Racism and anti-Semitism[edit]

Rense is not as loath as many of his conspiracist brethren to let his anti-Semitism shine through. His site contains a disclaimer that he does not endorse anti-Semitism, using the tired excuse of not being against the Jews but being opposed to the Zionists in his explanation of his position on this issue.[2] Naturally, this is all while he and his site's contributors spew all the usual anti-Semitic canards. In addition to its hosting of just about every conspiracy theory on the black helicopter and militia circuit, the site commonly features "artwork"[3] by anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist David Dees, as well as cross-postings and links to anti-Semitic and white supremacist hate sites. In recent years, he's made his Nazi flirtations increasingly overt, running a growing number of laudatory articles on Adolf Hitler and adding Stormfront Radio, David Duke, and Nathanael Kapner to the site's list of featured podcasts.[1]

Rense has featured notorious neo-Nazi crank Ernst Zündel on his show[4] and features copious amounts of material supportive of him.[5] Rense has also given a platform to white supremacist and Holocaust denier Ted Pike, who believes that Auschwitz never existed. On a side note, Jeff Rense's show used to be on a handful of American broadcast radio stations in the early 2000s before they pulled him for his extremist conspiracy theories. The show started out being similar to Coast to Coast AM and covered a variety of paranormal topics. [6]

Stopped clock[edit]

Aside from being a conspiracist and bringer of medical woo, Jeff Rense does have a useful list of the characteristics of fascism on his website.[7]

The day they tried to get him[edit]

In late April 2015, near his home, Rense was involved in a serious car crash. He was taken, unconscious, to the local ICU where he eventually recovered. Since he has no actual memory of the crash, he now declares that it was obviously an attempt on his life. It didn't succeed, so nyer nyer neener neener to the vast international conspiracy.[8]

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  • Henry Makow: A former contributor to turned critic.

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