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The "meth" is on the right, attched to the amine (HN), the "am" (alpha-methyl) in the middle, with a phenylethylamine backbone. Methamphetamine, in expanded nomenclature, is N-methylamphetamine. Amphetamine is alpha-methylphenylethylamine.[1]

Methamphetamine is a synthetic drug which causes your car to end up on blocks and your trailer to get really messy. Also referred to as "crank," "crystal meth," "glass," "ice," "speed," or "P" (in New Zealand), its users often embark on binges lasting as long as two or three weeks, with no sleep. The crash is very painful, although a little Valium might help.[2] It is a highly addictive and very damaging drug (though as is often the case, rather less damaging than police, politicians and prosecutors angling at political careers tend to claim).

Remember, dude: "speed kills". On the one hand, if your top ambition in life is to end up toothless and covered in sores, screaming violent and paranoid obscenities about the hallucinated spiders crawling on your face, while bouncing off the walls of the room in your local psychiatric unit/jail/prison for hours at a time ... then get to it, and good luck. And on the other hand, you might just end up dying an early death due to meth's advanced aging effects, get a fourth degree heat burn from making it in your mom's basement, or get stabbed by a junkie in the alley behind a bar at 3 am. If that's what you want, then this is the drug for you.

Environmental impact of methamphetamine production[edit]

The manufacture of methamphetamine, "meth-cooking" as the kids call it, is dangerous to both those involved and the environment. Depending on the method used, it is estimated that the production of one pound of meth results in five to seven pounds of chemical waste, and it's reasonable to assume that the kind of person who'd build an illegal meth lab is not likely to be taking great care in the disposal of the resulting waste.[3]


As anyone who's watched the television program Breaking Bad can tell you, cooking meth requires significant lab safety equipment in order to be done without poisoning or burning the cooks. When a meth lab is raided, special precautions have to be made by investigators and cleanup crews to prevent explosions or inhalation poisoning—in an urban setting, whole blocks are often required to be evacuated and cordoned off in order to prevent injury or death to the surrounding populace.

See also[edit]

  • Ted Haggard, the heterosexual (not gay) preacher who bought meth from a male prostitute (but he's not gay). Claims that he didn't actually use the meth (but if he did, it would have been in a heterosexual manner).
  • Not Rob Ford – he preferred crack.


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