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Morality police is one of many names used to describe groups of people whose job (often self-appointed) is to enforce standards of moral behavior and religious adherence among the general public.

With or without an official mandate from the state, the concept of morality police tends to exist in nations and communities prone to extremist religious beliefs – particularly those in which one particular religion tends to be dominant. Unofficial morality police may be indistinguishable from what would in the west be more commonly known as lynch mobs. Some unofficial morality police groups appear to resemble Daily Mail readers who are actively enforcing their narrow and conservative views on how everyone else should act. An example of this is the West Bank morality police, who among other things, dealt harshly with anyone caught playing music too loudly on car stereos.

Morality police may arise as a result of moral panic, such as the impending threats of women revealing their ankles and people operating light switches on the sabbath.

Saudi Arabia[edit]

Saudi Arabia's people are kept in line by the Mutaween, a casual term for the nice fellows who wander around making sure that no-one has the wrong kind of fun. These groups are either directly authorized or at least recognized by the government – normally by the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice. This is the Saudi governmental department responsible for enforcing Sharia law.

The Mutaween, rather unusually, were strongly criticized in the Saudi media for their role in the death of 15 schoolgirls. During a fire in 2002, the children were prevented from leaving the burning building because they lacked head scarves, robes, and suitable male guardians to chaperone them.[1]


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Gangs known as "modesty patrols", originating from the Ultra-Orthodox wing of Judaism,[2] allegedly patrol neighborhoods of Israel and use intimidation and violence in order to "preserve the modesty" of women who wear pants and commit similar acts of outrage. These groups operate without the support of the state. In one incident, a modesty patrol was suspected of spilling acid on the face of a 14-year-old girl.[3]

When not throwing acid on young girls, threatening people for dressing immodestly, and beating women in order to preserve their chastity,[4] the general purpose of these guys seems to be to make American Christian fundamentalists seem charming by comparison. In practice, actual violence is relatively uncommon. Mostly the modesty patrols would be more likely to intimidate and generally make people feel uncomfortable for not living like refugees from 3000 BCE.

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