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Mud flood

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A building in the Netherlands subsiding because of inadequate foundations in muddy soil.
Fiction over fact
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How it didn't happen

The mud flood is a supposed global event that took place in the early 1800s which reset all of civilization.[1][2] It is a unified conspiracy theory, being composed of a mishmash of Atlantis, Masonic conspiracy theories, and the new chronology. It was first popularized in Russia.[3]


Believers in the mud flood (mudflooders or mudders?) often use the fact that much of a building's foundations are underground as evidence for their assertion, believing that the foundations were once exposed. Thus, a flood of sediment had to occur for the foundation to be underground. In reality, sturdy foundations for structures are needed to keep the structure stable, and to prevent it from sinking into the ground or from getting destroyed by storms, floods, and earthquakes. However, they do almost have a point for ancient structures such as the great wall of China,[4] as they are actually buried beneath sediment, but not due to a mud flood. Sediment collects over time, being deposited by wind (see the Dust Bowl),Wikipedia falling rocks, landslides, rivers, organisms dying and rotting down, humans littering the place, and human structures withering away. This can be best seen in Middle Eastern tells,Wikipedia which are formed from human settlements lasting thousands of years. Some of them get over 30 meters tall!

Another reason structures may seem to 'sink' into the ground could be poor architectural planning, the changing architecture of the surrounding (such as raising road heights), or structures having basements.


This is where the inspiration from Anatoly Fomenko's new chronology is most obvious, especially his idea of the 'Russian horde'. The civilization that the mud flood wiped out was the Tartary civilization, which spanned most of Eurasia.[5] In reality, such a civilization on such a scale never existed. Tartary was a blanket term used by western scholars for central and northern Asia.[6] For example, northern China (then part of the Qing dynasty) was called "Chinese Tartary".Wikipedia

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