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Nassim Haramein (1962–) is a Swiss amateur physicist, with no formal education. Haramein claims to have developed, in collaboration with academic-but-fringe physicist Elizabeth RauscherWikipedia, a unified field theory that he calls the Haramein-Rauscher Metric.[1] According to Haramein, this "metric" is a new solution to Einstein's field equations that incorporates torque and coriolis effects. He is also the founder of the Hawaii Institute for Unified Physics and the Resonance Project, a website and foundation addressing his unified physics.

Despite his claims, Haramein's work is ignored by mainstream physicists because it is pseudoscience with no evidentiary support. Few scientists bother to respond Haramein because even the most basic review shows his models to be based on flawed mathematics and wrong assumptions, with “proofs” that quickly become circular and self-referential. His self-promotion and outreach is considered cult-like, and like many pseudoscientists, he is good at impressing people with little to no understanding of modern physics, scientific research, or skepticism.

He seems to be taken seriously by fans of Coast to Coast AM, where he has appeared on several occasions.[2] He self publishes on YouTube and his own website (he doesn't even get his stuff onto arXiv). Wikipedia articles about him have been repeatedly deleted on notability grounds.[3]


Haramein has an extensive list of publications, however none of them in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Aside from his own website, most of his articles are published in pay-to-play outlets such as predatory journals. These are not peer reviewed, and they publish any article, no matter how bad, if the author pays.

Haramein-Rauscher Metric[edit]

Haramein claims his theory explains the origin of spin, which he defines as a "spacetime torque." He claims that his amendment to Einstein's field equations, incorporating torque and coriolis effects in "'plasma dynamics'"[4] interacting with a "polarized geometric structured vacuum", produces a unified field theory. Further, he and Dr. Rauscher have developed a "Scaling Law for Organized Matter"[5], which characterizes all matter from subatomic to galactic and universal size as various sized black holes. His unified field theory and the fractals associated with this "Scaling Law" are integral to his concept of a "Holofractographic Universe". There's also something in there that uses the real field of cymaticsWikipedia to support his idea of "resonance".

Schwarzschild proton[edit]

Drawing on the aforementioned "Haramein-Rauscher metric," Haramein proposed "the Schwarzschild proton", a theoretical model of the proton in which two black holes "orbit" one another. It may sound impressive, but it's almost entirely inconsistent with experimental observation. Anyone with even a basic knowledge of quantum mechanics knows that classical "orbits" do not apply at the scales addressed in his paper.

A blog titled "Up" ran a number of posts debunking the Schwarzschild proton model.[6][7][8]

The paper describing the model is available for download from his website.

Now that his Schwarzschild Proton paper has been debunked, Haramein claims to have published a new paper, "Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass" in the Physical Review and Research International Journal, at ScienceDomain International. Physical Review and Research International Journal is in fact not a scientific journal, but, as its website claims, an "open peer reviewed" website (without any kind of Scopus or other scientific ranking indicization) where anyone can pay a fee and have their "research" "peer-reviewed" and then "published" on the website.[9]

Cinematic outreach[edit]


Haramein was featured prominently in the conspiracy theory movie Thrive, where he discusses the fundamental shape of the fabric of space, as well as potential extraterrestrial involvement with Earth throughout history.

The Black Whole[edit]

Haramein directed and stars in The Black Whole, a 2011 documentary-type movie starring Haramein and his "vacuum is the key to everything" claims. In the movie, he addresses the little he understands of quantum mechanics, the phi ratio, tetrahedrons, symmetries in the structure of the vacuum, and, of course, black holes, which, according to Haramein, are everywhere and everything; we are constantly appearing and disappearing at the speed of light, so, half of the time, we are vacuum, made of "blocks" of 64 tetrahedrons, arranged in such a way that a mini-black hole is created right at the centre of each "block", thus proving that we all have four sides.[10]

The Connected Universe[edit]

In this 2016 feature documentary Nassim Haramein explains his view of the Universe. Topics include space, spin, black hole dynamics, consciousness and how everything is connected through his Unified Field Theory.

Sales of crystals and crystal accessories[edit]

Nassim Haramein's Resonance Science Foundation sells lab-grown "ARK" (Advanced Resonance Kinetics) crystals that are purported to "increase the bio-availability of water, optimize system coherence, and increase energy couple via the quantum vacuum."[11] The ARK crystal retails for $1,000. The ARK crystal can be accessorized by attaching it to a wearable pendant, or a $120 water bottle.

Other interests[edit]

In his DVD box set, Haramein discusses, in addition to his unified field theory, topics including the Ark of the Covenant, the Knights Templar, Emmanuel's Tomb, Kabbalah, and something he calls "the Tree of Life Decoded".[12]

In at least one lecture, Haramein claimed to decode crop circles.[13]

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