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Neil Cavuto

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Neil Cavuto in the position he finds most comfortable -leaning to the right.
One of the
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And a dirty dozen more

Neil Cavuto (born 1958) is an American political pundit. Previously employed by CNBC, he is currently employed by Fox News and Fox Business Network. He hosts Your World with Neil Cavuto and Cavuto on Business on FNC. Additionally, he hosts Cavuto on FBN.[1] He is also senior vice president and managing editor of business news for FBN, and therefore to blame for its content and business coverage.

Political views[edit]

As a Fox News anchor, Neil Cavuto intends to ride the tiger that is the Tea Party until it gets too hungry.[2] Without a hint of cognitive dissonance, he also supports the neocon agenda and uses the term "homicide bomber". Stop trying to make "fetch" happen, Neil!

Unusually for a Fox pundit, Cavuto has occasionally taken Trump to task,[3] the most severe task-taking was a 4-minute opinion piece on May 3, 2018 in which he concluded, "That's your stink. Mr. President, that’s your swamp."[4][5]

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