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Faith Goldy

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—Twitter description[1]

Faith Julia Goldy (1989–) is a Canadian alt-right commentator.


Although Goldy has rejected being labelled as alt-right,[2] her talking points mirror those of the alt-right (e.g. "Diversity" is politically correct code for non-white[3]). Other examples include her scaremongering about people being "replaced" by foreigners,[4] calling people "beta cucks" and "globalists",[5] complaining about "degeneracy",[6] opposing "Cultural Marxism",[7] and accusing every organisation she doesn't like of being "Soros funded".[8] She has also pandered to the alt-right with not-so-subtle videos such as "White Genocide in Canada?"[9][10] and "CBC celebrates white genocide".[11] In August 2017, she was fired from The Rebel Media after she went on a podcast affiliated with The Daily Stormer.[12]

Goldy believes in the "soy boy" pseudoscience and claims that "Soy is giving you b*ch tits & Leftism. This isn't a meme, it's literally destroying us from within".[13]

Fourteen words[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Fourteen Words

In a livestream with alt-righter Colin Robertson (better known as Millennial Woes), she made multiple references to the white nationalist fourteen words:

...and that I want to secure an existence for my children and a future for my family...[14]

We want to secure a future for ourselves and for our children.[15]

She then obliged when asked to explicitly state the fourteen words:

Goldy: Are you trying to get me to say the fourteen words, chat? Is that what this is? OK, he wants me to say--
Robertson: No. It's that-- No, I don't want you, it's just that the chat were asking you to so I thought "well, should I propose that or not?"
Goldy: OK, all right. Do you want me to do it?
Robertson: Sure.
Goldy: We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.
Robertson: Yeah! [laughs]
Goldy: Is that controversial though? Like, I don't see that that's controversial. Is that bad? Like, I think it's controversial to say the opposite. Like, I think it's controversial to say, like, "we must not secure our future and we must not secure the existence." Like, what? Like, that's the whole thing is that once you just think about this, like, very simply and logically you realise that it's not like "ha ha, rah rah" but these aren't sophisticated ideas at their most, like, basest point. Like, we want to survive.[16]

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