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David "Dave" Blount is a completely insane far-right blogger and political commentator for the extreme right-wing hate site Moonbattery and occasionally for John Hawkins's Right Wing News. Among his more notable observations is the 2008 economic crisis was caused by the Democrats in Congress (a common claim from partisan Republicans on other right wing blogs), that Nelson Mandela was a "socialist thug" [1], and that Occupy Wall Street is a Marxist-Leninist revolution. [2]. He is quick to viciously bash and demonize any viewpoint that is not as reactionary as his own with such hate and vitriol that it would make Michelle Malkin cringe.

He is also an unabashed racist. Unlike some other hardline anti-immigrant pundits, he makes no attempt to hide the fact he's a blatant white-supremacist. His screeds against hispanics and immigration reform are almost indistinguishable from the racist screeds of Stormfront. [3] [4] [5] He is a huge conspiracy theorist of the Alex Jones variety. Some his screeds are so insane and paranoid that they seem like a parody of what paranoid wingnuts write. [6] [7] He violates Godwin's Law enough to make Glenn Beck seem like an amateur.

Among his more notable activites is citing the white supremacist Metapedia in order to blame Obama for "Beat Up A White Kid Day" in Cleveland (something that happened only a few times in the early 1990s), [8] publishing a screed with so many incoherent non sequiturs that your brain will melt trying to make sense of it, [9] making many posts of Fred Phelps level hate-spewing towards gay people [10] [11] [12] [13], pushing the "omg the government is stockpiling ammo" bullshit [14] [15], a screed accusing Chris Christie and other "RINO" politicians of being backed by George Soros and his "shadow government," [16], and a screed that is so fantastically angry, incoherent, illogical, fanatical, completely factually incorrect in every possible way, paranoid, and batshit insane that it looks like Blount was just using Wingnut Mad Libs and stringing a bunch of scary buzz words and phrases into one completely nonsensical clusterfuck of epic proportions.[17]

You get one guess as to what he thinks of Trayvon Martin and the media circus surrounding his death.

Much like Bryan Fischer, the man manages to outdo himself. Just when you think he can't get any more hateful and crazy, he comes back in full force with something that would make even the most hardcore of atheists pray to God that Dave Blount is just a brilliant stealth parody. It's a rant against Time Magazine for reporting on child-free couples. Apparently, this means that TIME is part of the "liberal ruling class" and that they are "Propagandizing Against Reproduction."[18]