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Seventeen Angry Dipsticks[1] One Dozen Shrews One Million Moms is a small advocacy group for social conservatism, created by—and a front group for—the American Family Association.[2] Its mission is to oppose the "immorality, violence, vulgarity and profanity" of modern media,[3] generally by attempting to stir public outcry. Specifically, they have opposed television shows such as Glee, The Playboy Club, Skins, and GCB (originally Good Christian Bitches) - citing these shows' normalization of homosexuality or a perceived anti-Christian bias)[4] - and have advocated on behalf of numerous other causes, such as opposing the addition of openly gay characters to Marvel and DC comic books.

One Million Moms are perhaps most notable for their failed attempt to start a mass boycott of retail chain J.C. PenneyWikipedia's W.svg after that company chose Ellen DeGeneresWikipedia's W.svg, who is openly gay, as a spokesperson.[5] J.C. Penney's stock price and sales volumes plummeted under a recent CEO, highlighting how the failed boycott had less to do with the company's strength and more to do with the hilarious inefficacy of One Million Moms.[6]

A year later, they were at it again with a protest against Kmart'sWikipedia's W.svg "Jingle Bells" ad.[7] Then, later on, they went on to protest against Campbell'sWikipedia's W.svg for a commercial they produced.[8]

Even if they were one million strong, they would still be no more than 1 to 2% of all mothers in the United States.[9]

In 2019, they targeted The Hallmark ChannelWikipedia's W.svg for showing a commercial about lesbian marriage. Like everything else on the channel, it was boring! Naturally, OMM attacked the ad as being sinful.[10] Was it perhaps too boring?

In 2020, OMM attacked Burger KingWikipedia's W.svg for saying, "Damn that's good." in a commercial for the meatless Impossible Burger.[11] He that believeth in meat and is baptized in lard shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned (Mock 16:16, apologies to Mark 16:16).

Also in 2020, OMM attacked SabraWikipedia's W.svg for producing a commercial featuring a couple of drag queens that were notably on RuPaul's Drag Race,link=wp:RuPaul%27s_Drag_Race and tried to get the ad pulled from being shown during the Super Bowl.Wikipedia's W.svg [12]


A comparison of the number of followers of One Million Moms, compared to their targets, based on a survey of Facebook community followers taken on February 3, 2020:

  • One Million Moms: 95,406 [13]
  • Sabra: 539,401 [14]
  • Campbell's: 523,623 [15], plus 1,331,270 for Campbell's Kitchen. [16]
  • KMart: 2,096,579 [17]
  • RuPaul's Drag Race: 2,314,236 [18]
  • Hallmark Channel: 2,715,754 [19]
  • J.C. Penny: 5,514,720 [20]
  • Burger King: 8,158,889 [21]
  • Ellen DeGeneres: 34,726,464 [22]

In fact, a Facebook community created during the Ellen DeGeneres / JC Penny controversy called "1 Million people who support Ellen for JC Penney"[23] has 259,734 followers, roughly 2 and a half times as many followers as OMM's Facebook community.


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