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OpEdNews is a left-wing website which, in its own words, is the "Drudge Report for progressives." Apparently, the staff at OpEdNews miss the irony of that statement, suggesting that one can look upon Matt Drudge as a professional role model and be taken seriously (well … doubtless they meant to say they want to emulate his popularity). The site regularly posts content from established progressive writers, as well as ramblings submitted by readers who come up with interesting takes on certain topics. And professional cranks like Mike Adams. Like The Huffington Post and Truthout before it, OpEdNews has fallen into the trap of trying to set itself apart from the mainstream media by allowing its writers to spew all sorts of conspiracy theories,[1][2][3] radiophobia,[4][5][6] and anti-scientific moonbattery.[7][8][9][10][11]

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