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The Juice Media is an Australian media company notable for its darkly satirical videos deconstructing political events and the behaviour of the Australian Government. As of June 2021, their YouTube channel has 72 million views and 688,000 subscribers.[1]

TJM is known for two popular video series: Juice Rap News, in which commentary of political events is delivered in the form of rap, and Honest Government Ads, in which actresses pose as smiling government representatives to parody and explain the "shitfuckery" of the Australian, or rather the Australien,[note 1] Government (and, occasionally, other governments). 

Honest Government Ads[edit]

The "Honest Government Ads" series has lampooned and criticized many facets of the Government's behaviour, a few of which include: 

TJM has also covered international topics, such as the American Government's negative influence on Hawaii and Puerto Rico,[20][21] the Trump administration,[22] and the European Union's Internet Censorship Bill.[23]


TJM's videos have been reported, praised, and discussed by a range of media outlets, both in Australia[24][25][26][27][28] and internationally.[29][30][31][32][33][34]

Government reactions[edit]

In 2017, TJM received an email from the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet citing "complaints from members of the public" about their parody of the Australian Coat of Arms, expressing concerns about it being mistaken for genuine Australian Government material.[35] Exactly who or how many people complained is unclear. Less than a week later, a bill was introduced in Parliament to amend the Criminal Code Act 1995 to "…introduce new offences for a person recklessly or intentionally representing themselves to be, or to be acting on behalf of, or with the authority of, a Commonwealth entity or service…"[36][37]

In August 2019, the Indonesian Government took action to block TJM's 2018 "Visit West Papua!" video from being viewed in Indonesia.[38]

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