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Pepper Lewis claims to be a channeler and runs a typical internet based woo shtick. Lewis says she channels Gaia and has been the "primary voice for Mother Earth (Gaia) for over 15 years."[1] Lewis offers little background in how she suddenly became the only person to hear a giant floating space rock speak. However, this floating rock can apparently help align you to your "higher purpose" through a 45 minute phone call, and all for only $350![2][3]

However Pepper Lewis doesn't stop merely with channeling our planet, she also offers to teach you to how to hear voices in your head and become your own channeler. Franchising fees to be announced.[4]

2011 Japan earthquakes[edit]

Pepper Lewis came out a few days after the 2011 Japan earthquakes to make sure we didn't think Gaia was mad at us. In fact, apparently the earthquakes were somehow attached to the protest in Egypt and the earth is somehow "evolving" and that's making human society change, and that somehow makes earthquakes.[5] Huh. And here we thought tectonic plates had something to do with it.

Unlike most hoaxsters Lewis actually gives us some amazing predictions that Gaia gave her about earthquakes; these include such wonders as:[5]

  • There will be more earthquakes to come
  • Some may be stronger, some may be weaker
  • They will happen in both hemispheres

You don't say!

Of course, just in case there aren't any more earthquakes Lewis is clear to say that these might not be predictions, unless they come true.