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Princess Märtha Louise

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Princess Märtha Louise of Norway (1971-) is the daughter of the current king and queen of Norway. Fourth in the line to the throne, she is fortunately unlikely to ever inherit the kingdom.[1] As an avid proponent of holistic medicine and all things woo, she believes she can communicate with both animals and personal fairies angels.

God save the Woo[edit]

She is among the world's most famous proponents of angel therapy, and has established her own 'angel school'[2] where students are taught, for a nice price, how to get in touch with their own angels. She has also worked with Lisa Williams, communicating with the dead.[3]

Unlike Snåsamannen, another notable Norwegian woo-meister, she has received much criticism and ridicule nationally - and some interest internationally. The most notable critic is perhaps the state church,[4] as it does not condone belief in spiritualism or the paranormal. Many critics also claim she uses her inherited fame, her royal title, to make a quick buck, even though she doesn't really make that much money from the business.[5]

Her Royal Highness attracted international curiosity after she announced she was seeing the California-born "Shaman" Durek, the American spiritual counselor to Hollywood's "shove rocks in your vagina" princess, Gwyneth Paltrow.[6]

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  • Englenes hemmeligheter: Deres natur, språk og hvordan du åpner opp for dem ("The Angels' Secrets: Their Nature, Language, and How to Open Up to Them"), co-authored with Elisabeth Nordeng[7]