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Precious Metals Nano Water

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Precious Metals Nano Water is a substance put forward by Bruce McBurney as a panacea. He has hyped it as curing all ailments, including bacterial infections, the H1N1 virus, as well as indigestion and prostate trouble.

He came to international prominence after attempting to get investors on the CBC show The Dragons' Den to fund his company earning a 25% stake for "only" $2.5m.[1][2] They laughed at the general claims, until he claimed the product could cure cancer, at which point they just tore into him with more pointed derision.

What is "Precious Metals Nano Water"? It is "ultradistilled" water with tiny bits of silver in it. That's it. This is intended to cure every ailment known to man.

The same crank has also put forward a "supercarburetor" that will prevent people from getting cancer by cleaning most of the emissions from cars.

Note of caution[edit]

Human and blueman

Drinking colloidal silver can be hazardous to your health. The World Health Organisation does not recommend drinking water with more than 0.002mg/litre of silver and never ingesting more than 52μg/kilogram of body mass.[3] It can also turn your skin — and internal organs! — blue.[4]

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