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Jack Patrick Dorsey (1976–) is the CEO of both Twitter and the SquareWikipedia mobile payments system. This has made him so hyper-busy that he has had to search out new crank methods for destressing.

Nazis, what Nazis?[edit]

We're committing Twitter to help increase the collective health, openness, and civility of public conversation, and to hold ourselves publicly accountable towards progress.
—Jack Dorsey[1]

Nazis are a known problem, but Dorsey has blamed the victims (non-Nazi Twitter users) for not reporting Nazis:[2][3]

A lot of the calls for “remove the Nazis” are also due to the fact our enforcement operates on reporting. A lot of people don’t report. They see things, but it’s easier to tweet out “get rid of the Nazis” than to report it.

Despite the topic of Twitter Nazis being a one that he should have been prepared for, that he did in fact think he was prepared for, he actually was factually wrong in the most painfully obvious way about Twitter Nazis — that they exist:[3]

Dorsey: "It actually is. If they align themselves with a violent extremist group, like the American Nazi Party, we suspend their account. There are not self-professed Nazis. If you can show them, I would love to see them, and figure out why we haven't taken action on them, but…"
Brian Hiatt: I can confirm that there are Nazis on Twitter.

Evidentially it would seem that Dorsey still does not give a fuck.[4][5]

Dorsey is also highly deferential to populist (i.e., popular on Twitter) authoritarian figures such as Donald Trump:[6]

Ashley Feinberg: OK, but if Trump tweeted out asking each of his followers to murder one journalist, would you remove him?
Dorsey: That would be a violent threat. We’d definitely ... You know we’re in constant communication with all governments around the world. So we’d certainly talk about it.
Feinberg: OK, but if he did that, would that be grounds to—
Dorsey: I'm not going to talk about particulars. We’ve established protocol, it’s transparent. It’s out there for everyone to read.[note 1] We have, independent of the U.S. president, we have conversations with all governments. It’s not just limited to this one.

Woo promotion[edit]

Dorsey practices meditation for 10 days a year. He starts each day with "salt juice", which is water with Himalayan salt and lemon added; Twitter makes this available at its offices around the world. Before going to work each day, he alternates several times between using a home electromagnetic field-blocking infrared sauna and an ice bath (the latter is normally a legitimate treatment for people with high fevers). He fasts from Friday evening until Sunday evening, and only eats one low carbohydrate meal[8] on other days.[9][10] Dorsey began his fasting regimen in 2017 after viewing the film Fasting.[11] Dorsey also takes a multivitamin as well as "a lot of vitamin C",[10][note 2] which probably does nothing but could give him the runs[13] be compensatory for his dietary deficiencies. In 2019, Dorsey apparently began promoting another fad diet, the alkaline diet by tweeting an image of "alkaline spring water" with no comment.[14]

Because of his unusual dietary habits, Dorsey has been accused of promoting eating disorders, for this is what it is even if the tech bros call it "biohacking".[15][16] According to a UK dietitian, Dorsey's diet is dangerous since he likely runs a constant calorie deficit.[8]

Even though he is so busy running two multi-billion dollar companies, he still finds time to promote his brand of crankery. His nose ring[17] shows that he is a leader and that you too can be led around like a water buffalo if you buy his promoted products.


Dorsey's record on charitable giving is not well-focused (except on public relations), with a history of unkept promises, and an ever-present capacity for Dorsey to just take back the money into his personal hoard.[18]

Bitcoin promotion[edit]

See the main article on this topic: Bitcoin

In February 2020, Dorsey began to quietly promote Bitcoin by including a Bitcoin hashtag on his Twitter profile.[19] Dorsey's tweets about Bitcoin had been nonexistent or sporadic until about February 8, 2021,[20] corresponding roughly with Elon Musk's public and rather nutty purchase (via Tesla) of US$1.5 billion in Bitcoin.[21][22] The purchase resulted in an all-time high Bitcoin purchase price at the same time that Dorsey was retweeting a 'Black Bitcoin' promoter (@bitcoinzay) urging African Americans to become "Satoshi millionaires" (1 Satoshi = 0.00000001 Bitcoin = roughly 0.0005 USD in February 2021) by purchasing Bitcoin (roughly US$500 worth) when the price was high,[20] amounting to what is effectively affinity fraud (buy high, sell low).

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  1. The protocol however differs externally[7] vs. internally with regard to whether number of followers affects the decision to suspend someone.
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