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Try the To do list, for all your inspirational needs.

Nearly a dozen articles have been written so far this month already:

  1. Circumventing Roe v. Wade documents efforts by the Religious Right since Roe v. Wade to prevent women getting abortions aside simply banning them, on the grounds that "If you can't make it illegal, make it impossible to get."
  2. Andrew Basiago covers the man at the helm of Project Pegasus, "a group dedicated to lobbying the government to release the secrets of teleportation and time travel for the benefit of mankind."
  3. Genghis Khan is a stubby article on the aforementioned Mongol warlord.
  4. Moontruth.com (français) is a French translation of Moontruth.com.
  5. Billy Crone is about the YEC Pastor.
  6. American Decency Association is about the wingnut group founded by Bill Johnson in 1999.
  7. Kim Jong Un is a stub on the new ruler of North Korea.
  8. David Attenborough should be fairly self-explanatory.
  9. Vincent Chin is on a late Chinese-American draftsman from Detroit.
  10. The American Dream (film) is on the conspiracy theory-laden film of that name.
  11. The Handmaid's Tale is a stub on said dystopian novel.
  12. Köfels impact event, created as a rather unskeptical take, deleted and then saved by being re-written and expanded


Two essays have been authored by users to date:

  1. What is an experiment? by Armondikov attempts to explain the concept, alleging confusion over the meaning of the word.
  2. Essay:Omegle and the Issues is about HeidelbergKid and his discussions about 'the Issues' on the randomised chatroom Omegle.