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American Decency Association

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Gay free zone
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Fighting the gay agenda
Judge not
That ye be not judged
GCB continues to degrade Christianity and blaspheme our Lord. It’s vital that we send a message now to ABC and corporate America that millions of people of faith will not support companies that openly ridicule their beliefs.

American Decency Association (ADA) is an extreme cultural conservative Christian fundamentalist group in the United States.

Crusade against "indecency"[edit]

Founded in 1999 by Bill Johnson, a former elementary school teacher and member of American Family Association, the organization views itself as a crusader against anything "indecent"; that includes Maxim, lingerie, gays, lesbians, dance groups, abortion clinics, swimsuits, and pornography (but not certain questionable-at-best parts of the Bible, oddly… such as Lot's daughters' drugging and having sex with their father in Genesis). Like most wingnuts, their view on what constitutes "pornography" is much more prudish than most Americans'.

In the words of its founder Bill Johnson, "Pornography does destroy. How can anyone deny that? Yet, there are certainly those that do deny that."[2]

Like the American Family Association, they call on members to flood companies that they target with complaints. They'll even write a whiny email for you![3] The ADA also wants members to boycott the products of targeted firms.[more detail please]

The ADA also tried to get on Google's case in July 2012 about their "Legalize Love" campaign and had the total lack of self-awareness gall to whine about how they should "just make their product and stay out the culture war". After all, that's the proper job description for the wingnut brigade, isn't it?[4]

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