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May 2010[edit]

5Compare and contrast: ThisDoh.gif and thisSmiley.gif.
10Rachel Maddow shows us that the current oil spill problems are really deja vu all over again. Something very similar happened in 1979.
14Hee! Splashing "holy water" on an atheist could lose you your job. Hat tip That old fake sneeze joke is still okay, though.
15The Onion's latest take on teach the controversy goes like this: Armageddon or global warming? The Kansas State Supreme Court rules that a school district can teach both views of the end of the world side-by-side.
8"From all evidence, [Rand] Paul lives in Libertarian La-La Land, where a purist philosophy leads people to believe in the purest nonsense.
4So the new culture war isn't about if two consenting adults can sodomize each other, it's about whether or not big businesses can sodomize people. Which Side Are You On?
6Arctic ice is one of the best indicators that the climate is currently warming. Some studies show that sea ice area is recovering, but really it's volume that matters and that's not looking too good.
6Report from a climate denial... sorry, I mean, "sceptic" skeptic conference in Chicago.
6Snake oil: an ""evidence bubble" for popular health supplements.
9"HI GUYS, I lost my fone and nueed ur numbaz plz!!"
6Deepak Chopra has a gig at the Royal Ontario Museum, Larry Moran is organizing a protest letter here.
6Flash Media presentation: "The Journey of Mankind -- The Peopling of the World
9American History, Texas Teabagger Style. It's either a parody ("Patriotic Japanese Americans volunteer to place themselves in gated communities so that America will be safe from Imperial Japan." ya think?) or the writer cribbed their notes off of Conservapedia...
5Are you a sceptic or a denier?
15And now another entry for the Life Is Unfair file. What do you get for being the unwed pregnant teenaged daughter of a certain half-term governor? Would you believe between $15,000 and $30,000 per speech? Wall.gif
9On May 6th, Evan Harris, perhaps the UK's most scientifically literate MP, lost his parliament seat in Oxford West and Abingdon by 176 votes. Did the rising Christian Right in the UK have anything to do with that?
5How's this for a hate filled rant? Conservative bloggette Debbie Schlossel finds every excuse to rail against the newly crowned Miss America, the Muslim and apparently very Hezbollah supporting Rima Fakih of Michigan. She told us so.
5The problem with the idea of "the majority support this action" is that the majority aren't always affected by it.
8Ever wonder why there aren't many women in engineering? (Although some experiments on monkeys do seem to indicate this may not be entirely the case)
7PZ gives us a nice little diatribe on Xtianity & women Fun!
5The UK General Chiropractic Council finally admits that subluxations don't exist.
3According to one model, at the current rate of climate change, half of Earth may be uninhabitable by the year 2300.
-2"Shit My Kids Ruined"
14Daily Show video: Lewis Black says that Glenn Beck has "Nazi Tourette's."
4News Flash: Ted Haggard and his wife have incorporated a new church. And in a possibly Freudian move, they gave it a name that makes it sound like (A) a Catholic church (where pedophile priests roam?) and/or (B) a hotel (for trysts?).
7The Maine Republican Party has has adopted a platform that seems to be a weird cross between Paulinism (The "reassertion" that "freedom of religion does not mean freedom from religion") and Ron Paulinism ("Austrian economics").
10A few days after Family Research Council co-founder George Rekers was caught at Miami International with his "RentBoy," he tried to talk his "baggage carrier" into avoiding the media. During the conversation, Rekers offered up this little gem: "I've been through things like this in the past --" Hmmm.
3From Newsweek: "Why Men Love War"
4What happens when you get six Catholics and three Jews sitting together on a single bench?
4"Ten Ways Christians Tend to Fail at Being Christian"
12"Drill, baby, drill"? Who said "drill, baby, drill"? We never said "drill, baby, drill"! You're just making that up to anger the voters! It's on videotape? What's videotape? We've never heard of videotape!
2But Donna why would anybody even watch cable news if it weren't for pundits?
6What you can and can't do in a polling booth (yes, you can do it drunk, providing you can wield a pencil!)
5Andrew Breitbart shares with us just a little too much information.
3The Phoenix Suns plan to stick it to the Arizona legislature and governor.
5It's OK to deny Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Amendment rights to Terrorism suspects. Just send them to Guantanamo Bay! Lock 'em up and throw away the key! Who cares! But at least two GOP senators will be damned if suspected terrorists are denied their Second Amendment rights.
8Is Hammersmith and Fulham the Ghost of Tory Yet to Come?
4It's three years old, but what the hell? "Gay Scientists Isolate Christian Gene."
4The story about Philippa Stroud trying to cure gay people seems to have been ignored in the media at large, why? Various reasons but 1) it's not fully verified and is currently an allegation 2) the PM making a "bigot" gaffe is far more important 3) issues for gays are often off the radar for media types 4) well, it is the Tories... and so on.
5Marxist traitors, God's omniscience and heavy rain; a snapshot of Speaker's Corner
6Crusader or prat? You decide: PZ Myers would like your assistance pushing up the rating of a Thunderf00t YouTube video, in response to a Mormon attempt to spam one of theirs up.
6Saints be praised! A high-ranking Catholic cardinal admits that compulsory celibacy for priests "in a time of sexual revolution" is indeed a contributing factor to the ongoing child-sex scandal.
9Ever wonder if there's a legitimate argument against gay marriage? Well, no, but redoing the databases to accept it all is going to be a fucking nightmare.
2In rapper M.I.A.'s new anti-genocide video "Born Free", storm troopers with American flags on their uniforms arrest redheaded boys ("gingers") in L.A. They take the boys to the desert and order them to run. When the boys refuse, the youngest -- a 12-year-old -- is shot in the head. The 12-year-old talked to TMZ about the message in the video. The HD NSFW video, which contains nudity and extreme violence, can be seen here. (Note that a few knuckle draggers have posted comments saying that they think the treatment of "gingers" in the video is funny. So much for showing violence to end violence.)
7Criminal Brief argues the iPhone raid against Gizmodo is a disguised prosecutorial attack upon freedom of the press.
14Why is wind power a bad thing? Because it makes power too cheap.
9Thunderf00t is fucking furious.