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August 2010[edit]

28“As families get the backpacks, books, and new shoes ready, we’ve got some back to school tools that will help you identify and push back against the gay agenda in the classroom."
25RealCatholicTV has dropped its YouTube video promoting the idea of replacing democracies with a benevolent Catholic dictator. As a substitute, Mr. Voris has produced this "explanation" that democracies become evil when they give too many people who aren't virtuous Catholics a voice in the shaping of public policy.
11Well this definitely explains why no-one ever answers the intercom when I buzz.
9The Daily Mail gets confused over August 20th and April 1st. The Sun also gets in on it (it has an amusing video).
17It is mosque madness month on WND. Faber: "Muslims may have to nuke New York if they could not build their mosque there and this is not hysteria, it is speculation journalism". Satterfield: "The Founding Fathers would have given up on the whole freedom-of-religion thing if they had known about terrorism".
21WorldNetDaily drops Ann Coulter because she thinks you can be gay and conservative. Also says that the gays have the Machismo. Update IT IS ON! Farah takes a subtle swipe at Coulter. Coulter on the other hand: "I will say that [Farah] could give less than two sh[i]ts about the conservative movement — as demonstrated by his promotion of the birther nonsense."
2Want to protect your radios in case of a coronal mass ejection caused electromagnetic pulse? Simply build a huge capacitor! (Scroll down to "Easy Defense")
17Democracy is bad. Let's have a Catholic dictatorship instead! Hat tip (and yes, RealCatholicTV.com seems real, not a parody) UPDATE: The YouTube video has "Been removed by the user."
11Why can't you easily link to Wikipedia from the Free Republic boards? Well, just check this list of examples of bias that I found on Conservapedia!
10Coulter wants to do away with jus soli, and cites AAPS to back up her statements.
17WorldNetDaily directly lies about Elena Kagan's purported attempts to hide Obama's birth certificate.
1841% of Republicans are fucking moronsbirthers.
17What is to be done about that Wikileaks fellow? Can't let him go on airing dirty laundry like that with impunity! (Rebuttal if you are curious).
21"I shall make a bold assertion in three paragraphs without references. Behold, I am correct!"