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December 2012[edit]

22Here's an idea. Let's try to make subjugating human rights into a gentle, reassuring video!
18Oh hey, Thunderf00t. Feminism is 'poisoning' Atheism, is it now? Stay classy, bro.
11Reparative therapy advocates have proposed a lot of nutty "methods" to supposedly turn gay people straight. But, stroking horses? Really???
21Pane Andov tries to explain why the Sun didn't turn into a red giant on 23 December, as he predicted. Sample quote: A huge wave of negative energy transmitted from the thoughts of so many people, containing anger, disappointment, aggression and judgment had reached my bio-field. I had to use all my knowledge to block it since the thought energy of some is very strong and can do harm.
14Police staff and officers in the UK are taking second jobs. Normal person: "Maybe we're not paying them enough in the face of cuts." Daily Mail: "SCANDAL! HOW DARE THEY! MUSH, SLAVES, MUSH!!"
20George Will: Easy access to voting is bad because Hitler
12"To raise these queries is not to play gotcha, or to be judgmental in a dire time." Er...yes you are, and you apparently don't know the definition of humanism too.
0God's Facebook page attracts the best trolls.
49Fox Nation: "Bikers Turn Out to Protect Newtown Mourners from Left-Wing Westboro Cult."
17Linking NaturalNews in Clogs is fish in a barrel, really. Mayan calendar, Sandy Hook, Peace Prize Obama: Your entire reality has been scripted by the manipulation masters.
30The NRA's silence on the recent shootings has ended; to nobody's surprise, the NRA advocates MORE GUNS as the solution.
17World Net Daily gets a Jewish guy to blame the Jews for the War on Christmas.
15Stormfront: The real problem with video games isn't the violence, it's the Jooz' anti-white propaganda!
20The National Review weighs in on the Newtown school shooting: It's because there were no adult males at the school.
12The winter is coming! Homo sapiens will be replaced by the Others "their sober, conservative, hardy and reverent cousins represented in the Neanderthal genome." (bold mine)
24Indeed, trained ex-military professionals, protecting the most important position in the US administration, with a near 1 in 10 prior odds of assassination is totally the same thing.
26School shootings won't happen if principals have assault rifles - guess which country and which party that idea comes from?
16"The Sexual Excesses of Modern Civilization" apparently include things like masturbation, homosexuality and non-procreative sex in general (because some hunter-gatherer tribe has no words for the former and allegedly doesn't practice the latter). And yes, this was written by a Catholic.
-2An ex-"Wall Street trading legend," remarking on Republicans' lackadaisical attitude toward reality, shares his version of history: not only did Galileo invent the telescope, but he was hounded by the Spanish Inquisition.
5Hel Gower on the official English Defence League Twitter account: "If those kids were children to filthy leftists, Adam Lanza did the right thing" Turns out the screenshot's a fake.
11Consumerism is good for the soul.
24Alex Jones also wastes no time, jumping right in and blaming the Connecticut school shooting on "mind controlled assassins [or] mind controlled patsies."
17Fox: "Find excuse, find excuse, C'MON, PEOPLE! ...there!"
7Gun-owning journalist: Hi there, I'm going to retweet an article I wrote about some things you should know about guns that can easily be found on Wikipedia. You're too stupid to know what a bullet and what auto/semi-auto means, and gun crimes aren't rising! Everyone outside the US: you can also find some things on Wikipedia.
33Kent Hovind gets political - hilarity ensues.
20You can't shut down unproven or disproved medicine because... because... erm... because SOVIET! FASCIST!
18The Daily Mail enjoys opinions.
25Eric Hovind thinks dragons are real after watching a fictional mockumentary on Animal Planet (Uses it as an excuse to sell shit from his book store)
37Creationists understand evolution better than liberals Falldownlaugh.gif
21Richard Hoagland: Curiosity spots "Martian Apartments"
0Schizophrenics and psychopaths are holding America hostage. Their schizophrenia, obviously, is of the sluggishly progressing variety.
3Hi, my name is Newt Gingrich, and with me are a couple of NASA masterminds who don't have anything else to do with their time. In a time where repeating Apollo will be a good $100 billion, it'll only cost you 1.4 to get yourself on the Moon! Weeeeee!
54No! Not “Millions of years”, “Evolution” & “Feathered dinosaurs”. That's downright unbiblical! Sayeth Mr Ham.
37Rick Santorum explains how the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities crushes US sovereignity. Was this man seriously in the running for President of the USA?
21The Daily Mail and its comments board: Man running naked? Disgusting! An affront to common sense! Not in my back yard! A woman running naked? Phwoar! Yeah! Tits!
26Sensationalism 101: WND Headline is "Apocalypse news: NASA warns of real threat" regarding Mayan doomsday prophesy. Story says? Children and depressed teenagers are getting frightened and suicidal over all the apocalypse sensationalism.