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November 2012[edit]

36Democracy is evil, because it replaced good Christian kings. (Believe it or not, the author of this has a PhD in modern history from a respected university.)
26 Rush Limbaugh thinks TIME's Person of the Year shouldn't be Sandra Fluke, it should be him!
10 Pajamas Media: Multiculturalism is terrible because Repetition is terrifying. (Has someone been reading Nietzsche?)
26Ice on Mercury ... confirms Noah's flood. And hydroplate theory. (HT Exposing PseudoAstronomy.)
35Bill O'Reilly tells David Silverman that Christianity is not a religion, so Christmas displays on public property are okay.video here Also, atheists are apparently "fascists". Obligatory Silverman meme here.
30Bill O'Reilly tries to analyse and break down Gangnam Style, and forgets that languages other than English exist.
8Hospital Porters Against the New World Order is a thing. That's all. (If you need more, see also HPANWO Voice for some orbs and a non-skeptic's view on the "attempted seduction" of Rebecca Watson)
22Charles Krauthammer engages in some hardcore projection, says Obama "Not Trying To Fix Our Fiscal Issues And Problems; He's Trying To Destroy The Republicans".
16UKIP candidate says adoption by gay couples is "child abuse" - The Daily Mail's comments board agrees.
16"Yay for Uganda's anti-gay law!!!" says Bryan Fischer.
38"The left has its "scientists" and "economists" and "statisticians," while we have common sense. And common sense will win every time."(Warning: Poe's Law in action!)
30I can't even formulate my outrage at an op-ed like this one into words. Update: For extra lulz: guess whose niece is the author.
12The Australian Vaccination Network branches out into advising diabetes sufferers against medical treatment. (HT Jo Alabaster.)
0Did you think of it from the turkey's perspective Washington Post?
30Demonic rape could turn you gay.
15Ok then, quit your job. A net gain for everyone.
12The man who inspired a generation of GOP politicians to push the US to the brink of the "fiscal cliff" with a variety of tax cutting schemes -- especially if those cuts were specifically designed to favor only the rich -- offers his (incredibly simple-minded) "solution" to the problem he helped cause.
13Joe Scarborough: I'm Sorry That I Was Right ALL ALONG!! Also, Simpsons and the Beatles!!
22Tea Party Nation founder (and WND contributor), Judson Phillips, tries to come up with a way to bypass the Electoral College and put the Presidential election to the House. (PS, it wouldn't work.)
17God told me to speed.
16Domestic Cat Girls: As if the White House Petitions website, known as "We the People", wasn't already full of Poe.
10Dalai Lama wins the Templeton Prize. CMI has a hissy fit.
33Turn off your irony meters for this one. Rupert Murdoch, owner of a vast, blatantly partisan news empire, tweets his rage at the "Jewish-owned press". UPDATE: And he takes it back.
25Everyone's favourite political artist Jon McNaughton says goodbye to reality, states that US election result was God offering a "tender mercy" that we don't deserve.
11Ireland's children's referendum is passed - but the real story is the sheer amount of ridiculous antivaccination woo in the comments section here.
27Conservatives start their own search engine. With blackjack! And hookers! In fact screw the blackjack!
19Stay classy, Joseph Farah: "I'd like to see her (Nancy Pelosi's) membership card to the human race revoked."
26Vox Day tells us why Obama won: It's because all those darkies are not, and never will be Americans, and they voted for Obama.
60The most embarrassing answer ever
7Huffington Post:The Glorious Leader ought to be more admired by these American swine!8 Historical Myths Pieces of Fawning Propagandia about Mao!
22Repeat after me: correlation does not equal causation.
27Faux Nation The blacks are coming for you As ever the comments are the best part.
10Abused as a child? Then be excoriated by the Daily Mail's Sunday edition
46Outraged that Obama won? Make it your personal crusade to be a nuisance to your entire community from now on. "Do you work for someone who voted for Obama? Quit your job."[No, not The Onion]
10Joseph Farah: If House Republicans were to "disapprove of any hike in the debt limit, Obama and Senate Democrats would be hamstrung." Even the best-ranked commenters think this is ridiculous.
16Mark Karlin of Truthout shares his thoughts about the 2012 presidential election, which are predicated on his observation that "the red states are almost all 90% or more white." He apparently failed to notice that of the four states that are "90% or more white," only one is a "red" state.
15More GOP denialist spin, as told by Grover Norquist to HuffPo: Even though the GOP lost the presidency and failed to take the Senate (in fact, they lost two seats in the Senate and have lost ground in the House of Representatives), "The Republicans are as strong as they were after 2010, and that was considered a devastating body blow to the Obama administration and Democratic hopes."
26"We're doomed!". Rush Limbaugh lays down some heavy heavy claim chowder. Let's check back in "a year and half, two years, three years".
202012 will probably be the last US Presidential election ever, because Rapture.
1The phrase "extreme anomalies were a consequence of global warming" is full of scientific weasel words.
14Clyde Wilson, professional Neo-Confederate, is your cranky racist grandpa.
34The Answers Research Journal have really outdone themselves this time. Read Jean K. Lightner's study of what mammalian kinds there were on the ark, and particularly check figure 18 — it's a stuffed toy.
-2New study on chelation therapy suggests that it's Super-Effective!
18World Nut Daily is now hawking $40,000 bunkers that can defend you against "nature, nukes and supernatural."
16Kids too scared to report rape deserve all they get, says woman responsible for their safety. This is not an attack on the newspaper reporting it.
26Everything has to be political with you, eh, Doocy?
12Freedom of speech is important, but can we get this guy to just stop talking already?
22Was teenage Obama's poem about monkeys actually a coded attack on Jews?
26Hurricane? What hurricane?
6How Not to do a Presidential Endorsement, The Economist Edition: We support Obama...but his health care reform is surrendering too much control to left-wingers, Dodd-Frank is evulz, and we "yearn for the more tolerant conservatism of Ronald Reagan, where 'small government' meant keeping the state out of people’s bedrooms as well as out of their businesses."
26Todd Akin is on the road with a "Women for Akin" bus tour (with Phyllis Schlafly!) and a new ad that features a woman who became pregnant as a result of rape and had an abortion, and a Russian immigrant who claims she supports Akin because not allowing women to have abortions is freedom. Must not have been "legitimate" then, if she became pregnant, right?
12Industrial pollutants? Deforestation tactics? Fracking? Nope: Solar flares and 'Mars Wobbles'.
24Fox News contributor Steven Crowder dons a bear costume and literally steals candy from children in order to make some half-assed point about Barack Obama favoring wealth redistribution.