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Sadly, this article has nothing to do with the FalloutWikipedia games.

Vault-Co[note 1] is a curious blog by Cleve Blakemore that appears to be typical of the most extreme segments of the John Birch Society.

Main claims[edit]

Blakemore claims, among other things, that "God produced the Flood to counter the genetic miscreants produced by the union of Nephilim and human women",[1] the polygamists were innocent,[2] and a few interesting tidbits on science (Wikilinks by RW):[3]

  1. There was no Big Bang.
  2. Einstein was a fraud, womanizer, a proven plagiarist, a lousy mathematician and media perpetuated myth.
  3. The speed of light is not a limitation on anything.
  4. The universe is controlled primarily by electrical charges, not gravity or "nuclear forces."
  5. Nine-tenths of quantum physics is fabricated and useless rubbish.
  6. Hawking's reputation will last as long after his death as that of Sagan, Gould, Boaz, Lysenko, Morris[note 2] or any of the other popular culture performing cranks of this century. About ten minutes.

Blakemore considers both creation science and evolutionary science to be bunk. He seems to think intelligent design is the most correct: "The real situation has more questions about it all than ever and does not necessarily validate the literal 'Creationist' school (although it certainly points to intelligent design at present)."[4] He also has an obsession of sorts with the Neanderthals, claiming that they had built a true civilization and that knowledge of this is being suppressed for whatever reason[5], and also frequently espouses much in the way of discredited, early 20th century racist pseudoscience.

He also believes "that if action is not taken soon [to destroy America], heaven is obligated to issue a public apology to Sodom and Gomorrah and a possible lawsuit for reparations may be in the cards." [6] [note 3]

Blakemore believes that the purpose of television is to destroy Western society, starting with the women. Once the women have been worked on, they will be estranged from the men, who will enter into a deluded life of hopeless despair:[7]

Their wombs start with the potential to draw down the future and once you take them out of the picture, the wretched males are easily picked off and eliminated one pink slip/heart attack at a time. The males are real tough guys who can go without food, water, sleep and fight with sticks and stones ... but destroy their females and isolate them from each other, the males will wither up and just blow away like dead flowers. Men need women even more than women need men. Without women and children, men have nothing to live for. Don't be fooled by that three-time divorcee chuckling over a beer about how glad he is that none of them bitches "tied him down," girls ... he'll be dead in six months in a car accident because he had insomnia at 3 am in the morning, saw a sharp turn and suddenly without knowing why just decided to hold the wheel steady and go right over the mountain. Men without women and children to protect and love are nothing, they're not even human any more. That's why television knows, you kill the female, you kill the entire species.

It certainly makes one wonder where Red Pill types got their first pointers.


Cleve Blakemore also develops Vault OS,[8] "A complete x86 16 bit real mode multitasking, multiuser terminal system for civil defense that provides for management of inventory, personnel, medical records, calendar, scheduling, maintenance and monitoring of a civil defense shelter." It certainly seems to be the market leader in its niche (however small that niche may be), but is unavailable.[9]

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Blakemore's recommended reading on his sidebar:

External links[edit]

  • The blog in question. The site is probably work-safe, but not eyeball-safe, as the background color is an eye-gouging shade of yellow. (Oops, it seems that the blog went offline in May 2018, I wonder why...)


  1. The name is deliberately similar to Vault-Tec, the corporation that built the Vaults (advertised as fallout shelters, but actually secret social experiments planned by the U.S. Government) in the Fallout series of post-apocalyptic computer games. The blog uses the Vault Boy in its logo and an iconic picture of the protagonist of the first game in the sidebar.
  2. Maybe Henry M. Morris?
  3. By the way, a version of this quote concerning the music industry appears on the back cover blurb of Tony Parsons' 1982 novel Platinum Logic. And there may well be other versions before then.