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January 2013[edit]

12Announcing God Created Earth Day - or, let's make a boat load of money for Creation Today and Eric Hovind.
15Margaret Wente: Torture is a good idea because it works in da movies. Surprise bonus: Commenting not automatically disabled.
25War on Christmas? War on Religion? War on Women, Men, the Wealthy, the Poor? How about War on Fox News!
7Black helicopters over Miami. EVERYBODY PANIC.
14An airtight logical argument that the Second Amendment applies to military grade assault weaponry (It's in comic sans and written next to a stock image, so it must be true!)
13Bryan Fischer: Jerry Sandusky as the new poster boy for Scouting
13Teh EPA is taking away your wood burning stoves! Kinda like Obama coming for our guns! Too bad they don't pay attention to reality or science.
18Sometimes, the funniest way of summing something up is just to say it outright: Obama is an antichrist. He is also a gay Muslim Kenyan who technically isn't president.
24Criticizing the Texas Board of Education is just as bad as being in pre-Holocaust Germany.
15A story about blaming the victim: US Women get the same right in the military that we've had only since 1989? That's good...but they get raped preggers, men want to "protect" them, muscle mass...GENDER EQUALITY IS EVIL! (Comments closed, as expected.)
14Total stupid knobhead
16European Union Times: Medvedev is off his meds and demands Obama to TELL PEOPLE THE TROOF ABOUT ALIENS! Puzzled looks in 3... 2... 1... (Actual circumstance: real speculative report misconstrued by Alfred Webre's lunatics and written up by Sorcha Faal for the neo-Nazis.)
12Amateur "grey hat" hacker unjustly expelled for discovering a major security breach No, terminate with extreme prejudice!
24WND decides to be really puzzled by the name some astronomers chose for their instrument. Also: "And what is the Vatican’s widely rumored involvement with LUCIFER?"
25WSJ: Women must be kept out of combat because the men might be demoralized by learning that women poop.
7RationalWiki has found its true readership! Todd "Pelosi is a Cunt" Kincannon, and the Charleston Tea Party, that is. (Seriously, none of them know who we are.)
19Patheos's Bad Catholic is JAQing off about why humans wear clothes, but no other animals do it, proposing the Fall of Man as the explanation. As a bonus, included is one of those really historically accurate images of a "caveman" with a loincloth.
-1Thom Hartmann demonstrates his utter ignorance of what the word "corporate" means in the context of fascism.
11WND's token African-American nutjobs argue that secession is both a God-given right and constitutional, based on historical evidence from both the Founding Fathers and the Civil War.
21Apparently to some people, RationalWiki documenting the fallacies of "Release the data!" is akin to creationism.
14According to the League of the South, federal gun control should be met with "righteous and manly armed resistance." (Because the U.S. government is just like King George III, don't you know?)
22Rush Limbaugh takes being a vile excuse for a human being to whole new depths.
23Press TV discusses how Islam was viewed in "the British Isles, the largest island in Europe, during the reign of rulers such as George Orwell".
8How do you stop sexual crimes against women? Make sure there's enough single women to go around.
15Satoshi Kanazawa expresses his disdain for Dawkins, outspoken atheists in general and... foreigners.
38Fresh from telling mankind how to get laid, Roosh now shows us the 9 ugliest feminists. Most of whom are damn attractive. No accounting for taste... or brains... I guess.
11Vaccine denier David Kirby: "The "vaccine court" awards millions in compensation to two autistic children! (Reality on what actually happened.)
14Michael "Savage" Weiner and World Net Daily oppose flu vaccination.
18Hot on Teddy's heels, Bryan Fischer pulls his usual trick and says conservative Christians are the new Rosa Parks. Wait, but who's the group who gets their "separate but equal" civil unions again?
16Transsexuals aren't real women so should shut up, says ... wait, this is published in the super-left hyper-liberal Guardian. Technically the Observer, but nobody cares. (Now removed, here's a copy.) Even Guardian editors and writers concur.
22"Legitimate rape" is back.
16Ted Nugent interviewed in WND: Gun owners and a certain American icon of civil disobedience and passive resistance? They're the same (Except, of course, the gun owners will be heavily armed when they sit in the front of the bus.)
14World Net Daily proves Betteridge's law twice in one day.
11Florida Atlantic University professor claims the Newtown massacre was staged so Obama could take away your guns. Ah, the joys of tenure. (News coverage.)
20Vandana Shiva draws a moral equivalence between GMOs and rape.
21Commenters call the article "a howler. Humor [as] last refuge for sanity" or "Very humorous"! Others say "Liberals will be sputtering for a response"! And this humorous, devastating article is... yet another slippery slope argument against gay marriage. (It's just like incest, apparently.)
30Creationists admit that they can't prove anything... because they're not supposed to.
15If marijuana is legalized, liquor stores should not be allowed to sell it, because they sell dangerous products, like alcohol.
0LAPD and the Media have feigned a seizing of two rocket launchers
1Noam Chomsky: The best way to deal with the Middle Eastern nuclear weapons controversy is to declare the Middle East a nuclear-free zone.
24Jack Chick releases a new tract. Tl;dr: the economy is collapsing and the end times are near.
27Mike Adams gives us his 20 dark predictions for 2013-2015.
7Somebody over at WND has been watching too much Dark Angel.